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 The curriculum toward a graduate gerontology certificate can be taken either as a free-standing program or in conjunction with various degree programs. An understanding of aging processes is needed in a wide variety of fields. Some of the graduate degrees that students have combined with the gerontology certificate in recent years include the following:

  • Social Work
  • Counseling
  • Liberal Arts
  • Sociology
  • Public Administration

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The curriculum requires you to take 18 credits. It is recommended that you begin the 3-credit Colloquium on Aging, followed by 3 credits from each of the 3 core areas, 3 credits of electives, and a 3-credit practicum. These are described below in more detail.



           A&S 5500, Interdisciplinary Colloquium in Aging 

Core courses

  • Sociology (choose one)
    • Soc.Sci.411P--Aging in American Society: Past and Present
    • Soc. 5500--The Sociology of Aging
  • Psychology (choose one)
    • Psych. 5543--Adult Development and Aging
    • Psych. 5540--Psychology of Aging
    • CPCE 5589GC--Counseling the Older Adult
  • Health/Biology (choose one)
    • Nat. Sci. 430PC--Biological and Ethical Issues in Aging
    • A&S 5501--Experience of Health in Aging


Elective Courses (3 credit)

  • Soc. 5560-Sociology of Death and Dying
  • Soc. 5554--Sociology of the Aging Woman
  • Soc. 5556/ 5557--Aging and Developmental Disabilities (with optional practicum)
  • Pol. Sci. 5570--Politics of Social Security
  • Phil. 401PC--Biological and Ethical Issues in Aging



           A&S 5592--Field Practicum in Aging

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Dr. Linda Breytspraak is the advisor for the graduate Gerontology Certificate. Students should contact her at 816-235-1744, to enroll in the program and for advice about which classes to enroll in each term. She will help students arrange a practicum experience, but this process must begin approximately 10-12 weeks ahead of the term in which the practicum will begin.

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Enroll: follow this link and click on "Applying to the College of Arts and Sciences" and then on "Graduate Certificate in Gerontology"


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