Dr. Zhonghua Peng

Curators’ Distinguished Professor of Chemistry

Professor Zhonghua Peng



Current Research Intrests

Our research focuses on the rational design, synthesis, structure and physical property characterizations of novel organic and polymeric materials and inorganic/organic hybrids for electronic and photonic applications. Some of the on-going research projects are:

  • Electrically Active Organic/Inorganic Hybrid Molecular Materials
    This research involves the development of novel chemistry for the functionalization of polyoxometalates (POMs), the studies of organic chemistry involving functionalized POM clusters, the synthesis and physical property exploration of molecular and polymeric hybrids containing covalently bonded POM clusters and organic conjugated units.
  • Unsymmetrical Conjugated Dendrimers as Novel Materials
    The objective of this research is to gain a fundamental understanding of energy transfer in nanometer-size light-harvesting dendritic macromolecules and to harness the energy funneling properties of such dendrimers for applications to solar energy conversion and multifunctional sensors. This research involves the synthesis of  unsymmetrical conjugated dendrimers and the studies of their energy transfer properties by various spectroscopy methods. The applications of such dendrimers in molecular sensors and as NLO materials are also explored.
  • Studies of Self-Assembled Polymer Networks
    This research involves the design and synthesis of rigid polymers with well-defined hydrogen bonding sites.  The ultimate goal is to control the self-assembly process to form well-ordered 2D or 3D networks. Unique physical properties associated with the self-assembled polymeric networks are possible and may find important applications.
  • Other Research Interests
    Some other research projects include conjugated polymers for LEDs, IR-sensitive photoconductors, and foldable rigid macrocycles.