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Note: First talk to your instructor, as well as your fellow students.
Many questions can quickly be answered in this way.

College Algebra & ILC Hours
[The ILC (Interactive Learning Center) is located in the Southeast corner, 4th floor, of Miller Nichols Library]
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Mathematics Videos: College Algebra and Calculus I
  • An entire set of College Algebra (Math 110) and Calculus I (Math 210) course lectures with problems on video is available for viewing on UMKC's YouTube EDU channel.

  • A complete description of these videos, and a list of topics covered on them, can be read at
    VSI College Algebra and at VSI Calculus I.
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Open Office Hours - Full-Time Faculty

The full-time faculty offices are open, during their stated office hours,
to students in 100 level or 200 level mathematics courses to come for help
whenever their instructors are not available.

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Department-Verified Private Tutors for Hire
[Last Updated: 20 March 2013]

Listed below are persons who will do private tutoring in mathematics. The academic records of these persons have been verified and deemed adequate by the Department for tutoring at the levels indicated. All appointments, meeting places, and fees are strictly between you and the tutor. Should your instructor happen to be tutoring, you are not permitted to hire him/her.
  • Elizabeth Appelbaum, Ph.D., (913) 339-9407, : All levels.
  • Ari Bavel, (913) 406-3144, : College Algebra, Trigonometry, Calculus I, Differential Equations, etc.
  • Angie Dresch-Ramphal, (816) 361-2798,, MA in Curriculum and Instruction with emphasis in Mathematics: All levels except Calculus III and Differential Equations. Use of up-to-date techniques, and patience; Location 89th and Holmes.
  • Richard Kaufman, Ph.D. (913) 645-0074 (cell), (913) 642-7359 (home) : Geometry, Trigonometry, High School and College Algebra, Calculus I - II, Discrete Math, Statistics; meets in Prairie Village, KS, except on Sundays when he can also meet at UMKC
  • Peter McCandless, Ph.D., (816) 896-0048 (cell), (941) 723-5096, : All levels.
  • Jason Pallett, (913) 205-6713 (home), (816) 604-2543 (work), : Math 100, 110, 120, 125, 206, 210, 220, 250, 345.
  • Breanne Dustin, M.S., Through Calculus II only.
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