UMKC Department of Mathematics and Statistics

MATH 414 - Mathematics for Secondary Teachers:
Algebra and Analysis

(3 Credit Hours)

Can also be taken for Graduate Credit as Math 5514.

Prerequisites: Offered: Fall, Spring, or Summer, as needed
Text: Current Mathematics Textbooks
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Beyond the Catalog: Notes or Advice

Note: This course is new to UMKC starting 2006, so its catalog description is included below. This course is part of an expanded sequence of courses designed to provide a substantial and appropriate mathematical education to prospective (or working) elementary-, middle-, and secondary school teachers, and is motivated by recent reports from both the NCTM (National Council of Teachers of Mathematics) and the MAA (Mathematical Association of America).

Description: Designed for secondary-school teachers. Examine high school mathematics from a higher point of view. Real and complex numbers, functions, algebraic structures of equations, integers and polynomials, number system structures; analyses of alternate approaches, extensions, and applications of mathematical ideas, discussion of historical contexts and connections between ideas that may have been studied separately in different courses, relationships of ideas studied in secondary-school to those students may encounter in later study.

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UMKC Degrees and Courses Requiring this course

Degrees requiring (or soon to require) this course
  • Institute for Urban Education secondary-school teacher programs
  • School of Education secondary-school teacher programs
This course is prerequisite to the following courses:
  • None.
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