Historical Geography of
St. Croix
United States Virgin Islands
(Formerly the Danish West Indies)

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We will present here a wide range of material illustrative of the historical geography of St. Croix, including maps, landscape and architectural images, historical narratives, and various kinds of social and economic information drawn from archives and other sources. Wherever appropriate, the material is organized geographically--primarily in terms of the original survey grid laid down on the island by the Danish administration in the middle of the eighteenth century. We are primarily interested in making available information that would not otherwise be accessible to the general English-speaking public, whether because of the rarity and fragility of the original documents, the difficulties involved in archival research, or language barriers. The scope is broad, but the material presented is by no means exhaustive. We intend that this project should grow, through the cooperation and interaction of experts, students, and other interested individuals, wherever they might be, and that our index maps should be seen to evolve as new information is added to the computer.
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Proposed organization and content of the project.

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The spatial situation of St. Croix.

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The mapping of St. Croix.

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Cadastral Fundament: Ownership and use of the land.

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Status map.

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