Historical Geography of St. Croix

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Organization and content of the project


As the project develops, we intend to offer material on:

St. Croix's immediate and more general spatial situation in the Caribbean and the Atlantic world;

the island's physical geography;

various aspects of the complex cultural geography of St. Croix;

political or administrative geography;

the history of the slave-plantation society and economy and its ramifications;


the trade patterns of which St. Croix was a part;



important historic figures' contribution to the island's geography;

significant historic voices on the island's geography;


pre-columbian historical geography; and

the colonial undertakings on St. Croix of other European nations than Denmark.

A time line will be constructed, a brief description of the peculiar international historiographical situation and a bibliography will be provided, and the cooperation and support of individuals and institutions will be acknowledged.

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