Major and Minor Advisors by Program



Minor Advisor: Dr. Shannon Jackson

Architectural Studies

Undergrad Advisors: John Eck, Prof Joy Swallow

Art History and Studio Art

Art History Undergrad Advising: Contact Office (

Art History Grad Advisor: Dr. Burton Dunbar

Studio Art Undergrad Advisor: Contact Office (

Studio Art Grad Advisor: Prof. Ricky Allman


Minor and Physics BS Emphasis Advisor: Dr. Dan McIntosh

Bioethics and Medical Humanities

Contact: Ms. Susan Hankins

Black Studies

Minor and Emphasis (BLA and MALS) Advisor: Dr. Veronica Wilson-Tagoe

Graduate Certificate and Informal Emphasis (MALS) Advisor: Dr. Veronica Wilson-Tagoe


Undergrad Advisors: Dr. Paul Barron and Andrea Drew

Grad Advisor: Dr. Zhonghua Peng

Classical and Ancient Studies

Minor Advisors: Dr. Jeff Rydberg-Cox (CH107), and Dr. Cynthia Jones (CH015B)

Communication Studies

Undergrad Advisors: Dr. Linda Kurz, Dr. Judy McCormick, Prof. Caitlin Horsmon (Film and Media Arts only) and Prof. Lyn Elliot (Film and Media Arts only)

Criminal Justice and Criminology

Undergrad Advisor (Schedule through UMKC Connect): Dr. Kristi Holsinger

Undergrad Advisor (beginning Fall 2016): Prof. Lindsey Arbuthnot Clancey

Grad Director: Dr. Lori Sexton


Undergrad Advisor: Dr. Karen Vorst

Grad Admissions Advisor: Dr. Ben Young

Grad (MA) Advisor: Dr. Erik Olsen

IPhD Advisor: Dr. Peter Eaton


Undergrad Advisor, new students and final degree audits: Dr. Jennifer Frangos (CH 016G) 

Undergrad Advisors: Prof. Sheila Honig and Dr. Cynthia Jones (CH 015B)

Classical, Medieval and Early Modern Concentration Advisors: Dr. Jeff Rydberg-Cox (CH 107)  and Dr. Cynthia Jones (CH 015B)

Creative Writing Grad Advisor: Dr. Michelle Boisseau (CH016C)

Grad Advisor: Dr. Anthony Shiu (CH 117)

IPhD Coordinator: Dr. Joan Dean

Environmental Science and Studies

Undergraduate Advisors, B. A. and B.S.: Dr. Caroline Davies and Dr. Khaldoun Ahmad

Environmental and Urban Geosciences (M.S.)

Principal Graduate Advisor: Dr. James Murowchick
Graduate Advisor, Environmental Geography and GIS Emphasis: Dr. Wei Ji
Graduate Advisor, Urban and Cultural Geography Emphasis: Dr. Wei Ji
Graduate Advisor, Environmental Geology: Dr. James Murowchick

Family Studies

Minor Advisor: Dr. Deborah Smith


Undergrad Advisor, B.A. and B.S.: Dr. Jimmy Adegoke

Grad Advisor: Dr. Wei Ji


Undergrad Advisor: Dr. Tina Niemi
Principal Grad Advisor: Dr. James Murowchick


Healing and Humanities

Minor Advisor: Ms. Becky Bergman


Undergrad Advisors: Dr. Dennis Merrill (audits only), Dr. Rebecca Davis, and Prof. Chainy Folsom

Grad Advisor: Dr. Miriam Forman-Brunell

IPhD Advisor: Dr. Diane Mutti Burke and Dr. Lynda Payne

Languages and Literatures: French

Undergrad Advisor: Dr. Gayle Levy

Grad Advisor: Dr. Kathy Krause

Languages and Literatures: German

Undergrad Advisor: Dr. K. Scott Baker and Dr. Larson Powell

Languages and Literatures: Greek/Latin

Undergrad Advisors: Dr. Jeff Rydberg-Cox (CH 107), and Dr. Cynthia Jones (CH015B)

Languages and Literatures: Spanish

Undergrad Advisor: Dr. Alberto Villamandos and Dr. Xanath Caraza-de-Holland

Grad Advisor: Dr. Louis Imperiale

Latina/Latino Studies

Minor Advisor: vacant

Liberal Arts (B.L.A.)

B.L.A.-Online Advisor: Ms. Liz Barton

PACE B.L.A. Advisor: Dr. Carolyn Williamson

General B.L.A. Advisor: Ms. Erica Wolfe (in training; call 816-235-1148 for appointment)

Liberal Studies (M.A.)

M.A.L.S. Advisor: Ms. April Austin

Mathematics and Statistics

Undergrad Advisors: Dr. Majid Bani and Dr. Eric Hall

Grad Advisor: Dr. Liana Sega

IPHD Advisor: Dr. Noah Rhee


Undergrad Advisor: Dr. Carolyn Williamson


Undergrad Advisor: Dr. Jim Sheppard


Undergrad Advisor: Dr. Fred Leibsle

Grad Advisor: Dr. Da-Ming Zhu

Political Science

Undergrad Advisor (Declaration of Major/Minor): Dr. Mona Lyne

Undergrad Advisor (Continuing Students A-I): Dr. Ben Woodson

Undergrad Advisor (Continuing Students J-Q): Dr. Debra Leiter

Undergrad Advisor (Continuing Students R-Z): Dr. Greg Vonnahme

Undergrad Advisor (Transfer students and final degree audits): Dr. Beth Vonnahme

Grad Advisor: Dr. Max Skidmore


Director of Undergrad Advising: Dr. Kym Bennett

Undergrad Advisors: (235-1092;, Marshall Beauchamp, Frances Bozsik, Kalon Eways and Elizabeth Wilson

Clinical Training Director: Dr. Melisa Rempfer

Director, Experimental Health Psychology Ph.D.: Dr. Joan McDowd

Social Work

Advisors: Prof. Rosalyn Bertram, Prof. Betty Blackmon, Prof. Larry Dyer, Prof. Ile Haggins, Prof. Robert Prue, Prof. Lee Rathbone-McCuan and Prof. Elaine Spencer-Carver

Field Practicum Advisor: Dr. Ile Haggins and Ms. Amy Simmons


Undergrad Advisors (Call 235-1116): Dr. Jenny Huberman and Ms. Elyse Davis

Grad Advisor: Dr. Deborah Smith


Undergrad Advisor and M.F.A. General Advisor: Ms. Cindy Stofiel

M.A. Advisor: Dr. Felicia Londré

Urban Studies

Undergrad Advisors: Dr. Jacob Wagner and Mr. Lance Owen

Urban Planning and Design

Undergrad Advisor: Dr. Michael Frisch

Women's and Gender Studies

Minor Advisor: Dr. Brenda Bethman


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