Major and Minor Advisors by Program



Minor Advisor: Jennifer Huberman

Architectural Studies

Undergrad Advisors: John Eck, Joy Swallow

Art History and Studio Art

Art History Undergrad Advising: Contact Office (

Art History Grad Advisor: Burton Dunbar

Studio Art Undergrad Advisor: Contact Office (

Studio Art Grad Advisor: Ricky Allman


Minor and Emphasis Advisor: Dan McIntosh

Black Studies

Minor and Emphasis (BLA and MALS) Advisor: Adrienne Hoard

Graduate Certificate and Informal Emphasis (MALS) Advisor: Clovis E. Semmes


Undergrad Advisors: Paul Barron and Andrea Drew

Grad Advisor: Zhonghua Peng

Classical and Ancient Studies

Minor Advisors: Jeff Rydberg-Cox, Elpida Scott, and Cynthia Jones

Communication Studies

Undergrad Advisors: Linda Kurz, Judy McCormick, Caitlin Horsmon (Film and Media Arts only), Lyn Elliot (Film and Media Arts only)

Criminal Justice and Criminology

Undergrad Advisor: Andrew Fox and Brittany Thomas

Grad Advisor: Alex Holsinger


Undergrad Advisor: Karen Vorst

Grad (MA) and IPhD Advisor: Peter Eaton


Undergrad Advisor, new students and final degree audits (Summer and Fall 2014): Jennifer Frangos

Undergrad Advisor, new students and final degree audits (May 16 - July 3, Summer 2014): Sheila Honig

Undergrad Advisor, new students and final degree audits (July 7 - August 22, Summer 2014): Ben Moats

Undergrad Advising Office (Cockefair 111) (Fall 2014): Crystal DossNicole Higgins and Ben Moats 

Classical, Medieval and Early Modern Concentration Advisors: Jeff Rydberg-Cox, Elpida Scott, and Cynthia Jones

Creative Writing Grad Advisor: Christie Hodgen
Grad Advisor: John Barton
IPhD Coordinator: Anthony Shiu

Environmental Science and Studies

Undergraduate Advisors, BA (Fall 2014): Dan Hopkins and Jennifer Knipper
Undergraduate Advisors, BS (Summer and Fall 2014): Caroline Davies and Jennifer Knipper

Family Studies

Minor Advisor: Deborah Smith


Undergrad Advisor: Steven Driever

Grad Advisor: Wei Ji (on research leave SP2014)


Undergrad Advisor: Tina Niemi

Principal Grad Advisor: Jejung Lee


Minor Advisor: Linda Breytspraak

Healing and Humanities

Minor Advisor: Dennise Todd


Undergrad Advisor: Dennis Merrill (audits only) and Chainy Folsom

Grad Advisor: Miriam Forman-Brunell

IPhD Advisor: Drew Bergerson

Languages and Literatures: French

Undergrad Advisor (Summer 2014): Jillian Burns

Undergrad Advisor (Fall 2014): Lindsy Myers

 Grad Advisor: Gayle Levy

Languages and Literatures: German

Undergrad Advisor (Summer 2014): Jillian Burns

Undergrad Advisors (Fall 2014): K. Scott Baker and Larson Powell

Languages and Literatures: Greek/Latin

Undergrad Advisors: Jeff Rydberg-Cox, Elpida Scott, and Cynthia Jones

Languages and Literatures: Spanish

Undergrad Advisor (Summer 2014): Jillian Burns

Undergrad Advisor (Fall 2014): Alberto Villamandos and Xanath Caraza-de-Holland

Grad Advisor: Louis Imperiale

Liberal Studies

MALS Advisor: April Austin


Undergrad Advisor (Freshman/Sophomore) (Fall 2014): Eric Hall

Undergrad Advisor (Junior/Senior) (Summer and Fall 2014): Majid Bani

Grad Advisor: Liana Sega

IPHD Advisor: Noah Rhee


Undergrad Advisor: Carolyn Williamson


Undergrad Advisor: Jim Sheppard


Undergrad Advisor: Fred Leibsle

Grad Advisor: Anthony Caruso

Political Science

Undergrad Advisor (Transfers/Audits): Beth Vonnahme 
Undergrad Advisor (Major/Minor Declaration, Study Abroad, and Internships): Mona Lyne 
Undergrad Advisor (A-E): Ben Woodson 
Undergrad Advisor (F-J): Debra Leiter 
Undergrad Advisor (K-R): Rebecca Best 
Undergrad Advisor (S-Z): Greg Vonnahme 
Grad Advisor: Max Skidmore


Undergrad Program Director:  Kym Bennett

Director of Undergrad Advising: Kym Bennett

Undergrad Advisors: (235-1092;, Jillian Clark, Kadie Harry, and Elise Hoover

Clinical Training Director: Melisa Rempfer

Director, Experimental Health Psychology Ph.D.: Joan McDowd

Social Work

Advisors: Gloria Anderson, Rosalyn Bertram, Betty Blackmon, Larry Dyer, Ile Haggins, Robert Prue, Lee Rathbone-McCuan, Patricia Scott, Elaine Spencer-Carver, Rhonda Weimer

Field Practicum Advisor: Elaine Spencer-Carver


Undergrad Advisors (Call 235-1116) (Summer 2014): Kathryn Fagan

Undergrad Advisors (Call 235-1116) (Fall 2014): Jenny Huberman

Grad Advisor: Sookhee Oh


Undergrad Advisor and MFA General Advisor: Cindy Stofiel

MA Advisor: Felicia Londré

Urban Studies

Undergrad Advisor: Jacob Wagner

Urban Planning and Design

Undergrad Advisors: Michael Frisch and Sungyop Kim

Women's and Gender Studies

Minor Advisor: Brenda Bethman


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