Amari-Vaught, Eileen, Lecturer
Ph.D., Philosophy, University of Tennessee-Knoxville
Email: amarivaughte@umkc.edu; alternate email: eamarivaught@hotmail.com


Breytspraak, Linda M., James C. Olson Professor/Professor Emeritus, Department of Sociology, UMKC
Ph.D., Sociology, Duke University
Email: breytspraakl@umkc.edu


Collins, Kim, Nonprofit Program Office Director, Office of Research and Development, Department of Veterans Affairs
M.B.A. (and Graduate Certificate in Gerontology), University of Missouri-Kansas City
Email: collinskj@umkc.edu; alternate email: Kimberly.collins@va.gov


Filion, Diane, Professor, Department of Psychology
Ph.D., Psychology, University of Southern California
Email: filiond@umkc.edu


Hellman, Jenny, Lecturer
M.S.W., University of Pennsylvania
Email: hellmanj@umkc.edu; alternate email: hellmanj2002@yahoo.com


McDowd, Joan, Professor, Department of Psychology, UMKC
Ph.D., Psychology, University of Toronto
#314 Cherry Hall
Email: mcdowdj@umkc.edu


Reeder, Jeanne, Individual & Family Services Specialist, Heart of America Alzheimer's Association
M.R.E., Midwestern Baptist Seminary; M.S.W., University of Kansas
Email: reederJeanne@umkc.edu

Schubert, Rebecca, Lecturer
M.A., Liberal Studies, University of Missouri-Kansas City
Email: schubertrm@umkc.edu; alternate email: beck.schubert@kc.rr.com


Skidmore, Max, Professor, Department of Political Science, UMKC
Ph.D., Political Science, University of Minnesota
Email: skidmorem@umkc.edu      


Thurlow, Christine, Lecturer
M.S., Nursing, University of Nebraska Medical Center-Omaha
Email: thurlowc@umkc.edu


Wright, Kelli, Lecturer, Research Associate, Institute for Human Development
M.A., McGregor School, Antioch University
Email: wrightkk@umkc.edu


Wright, Linda, Lecturer
M.P.A., University of Kansas
Email: wrightlj@umkc.edu


Wood, Ann Marie, Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology, UMKC
Ph.D., University of Kansas
Email: woodam@umkc.edu



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Contact Info

Center Director:
Joan McDowd
#314 Cherry Hall
Phone: (816) 235-2490
email: Mcdowdj@umkc.edu

Linda Breytspraak
106-I Manheim Hall
Phone:  (816) 235-1744
email: Breytspraakl@umkc.edu