Savanna - Pre-Health



Why did you choose Pre-Health?

My aunt and uncle are both doctors and I always admired their dedication to their patients, so I decided I wanted to go to medical school. I really like science and thought an undergrad degree in psychology would enable me to help my patients mentally as well as physically.

What did you learn during your job shadowing?

I learned the most while shadowing a cardiologist. He taught me a lot about how the heart works, what can go wrong and what a cardiologist does to fix the things that can be damaging to the heart. I found it fascinating.

What do you love about UMKC?

I love UMKC because the campus is beautiful and there are always a lot of events provided by different clubs. I also love hanging out at Crow’s Coffee shop across the street. It makes me feel part of the community to be friends with the owners of small businesses.

What inspires you?

What inspires me is ambition: when people are willing to work really hard to reach their goals. I’ve studied really hard and taken advantage of volunteer opportunities and honor societies for applications to medical school.

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