Graduate Degree Programs

Degrees Offered

The Department of Chemistry at the University of Missouri-Kansas City offers the following Graduate Degrees - Master of Science and Interdisciplinary Ph.D.


The purpose of our graduate programs is to train students to work independently in chemistry and interdisciplinary areas through a broad, flexible base of coursework and research experience. The Department of Chemistry is part of UMKC's unique interdisciplinary PhD program and also offers a Master of Science degree.  Note: UMKC does not offer a program in chemical engineering.


For Ph.D. application instructions click here; while for  M.S. application instructions click here.

The Chemistry Ph.D. Program at UMKC is interdisciplinary and places emphasis on original research. In this approach to graduate education, your PhD degree is split across two (or more) academic divisions roughly corresponding to the traditional academic disciplines. These divisions may be closely related (for example, Chemistry and Physics) or diverse (for example, Chemistry and Education). This gives you a greater degree of flexibility in course selection and allows you to utilize the expertise of our faculty to the fullest extent.

The School of Graduate Studies administers the interdisciplinary PhD program.

The MS Program in Chemistry is geared toward local professional chemists interested in furthering their chemistry knowledge and expanding their research experience.  We encourage qualified international applicants to consider the PhD program.

Admission and Degree Requirements

Applicants are expected to have the equivalent of an ACS-approved bachelor’s degree in chemistry, which includes coursework in general chemistry, analytical chemistry, one year of organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, and one year of upper division physical chemistry and laboratory requiring calculus and physics as a prerequisite.

See our Bachelor of Science degree program for comparison.


The Department of Chemistry awards its graduate teaching assistantships on a competitive basis, with preference given to Ph.D. applicants. In addition, individual faculty members with research grants may be able to offer graduate research assistantships. Assuming that both their performance as graduate assistants and their academic progress are satisfactory, GTAs and GRAs normally receive reappointments for up to five years. Assistantships pay a monthly stipend plus in-state educational fees for the first six credit hours of the fall and winter semesters, and non-resident fee status is waived for graduate assistants who are not Missouri residents.

The Graduate Teaching Assistantship Application may be requested from the Dept. while an application is in process (  ).

All applications are now processed online.

At this point, using old paper application forms will slow processing of your application.  If you still plan to submit a paper application packet, you must still initiate the online application to alert the department you are applying to, your co-Discipline selections, the IASO and the School of Graduate Studies. International applicants must have a general GRE and TOEFL scores.  Domestic applicants must have a general GRE score.


There is a $35 application fee for domestic students ($45 with a paper application) and a $75 application fee for international students that cannot be waived or deferred.


Application deadlines are April 15 for fall and summer terms (February 15 to be considered for financial aid, however), and October 15 for winter term.  Applications are reviewed once they are complete.  It takes approximately four weeks for a decision to be made on Ph.D. applications after complete; usually less time is required to reach a decision on M.S. applications.  It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure the application is complete.  Incomplete applications cannot be processed.

Application Inquiries

You may direct questions to our Department using the following contacts:

  • Kathy Garrison, Administrative Assistant,
  • David van Horn, Graduate Recruiter,
  • Graduate Recruiting Committee
    Department of Chemistry
    University of Missouri - Kansas City
    5100 Rockhill Road
    Kansas City, MO 64110