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Section Meetings From Previous Years



Thurs Jan 25 2007 Rev James D. Wheeler on his 51 years at Rockhurst University
6:00 pm
Fri Feb 16, 2007 Spencer Award Dinner
Dr. Russel J. Molyneux Awardee
6:45 pm Banquet at Linda Hall Reading Room
Wed Mar 21, 2007

"New Local Chair Shares Global Experiences"
Dr. Sapna Gupta
Southwest Blvd Brewery

Tues Apr 10, 2007 Biomaterials: Intersection of Chemistry and Biology
Dr. Michael Jaffe, Center of Biomaterials, New Jersey
Park University
Sat May 5, 2007 "My Life in Chemistry in Kansas City"
Mr. John Kuhns, HMS Beagle, Parkville
Parkville Power Plant
Fri July 20, 2007 "Analytical Chemistry and the Vinland Map.  Genuine or a $25M hoax?"
Dr. Michael Henchman Brandeis University
Linda Hall Library




Thurs Jan. 12, 2006 "Why the Stowers Institute Supports Stem Cell Research "
Dr. William B. Neaves
5:30 @ The Stowers Research Institute
Fri Feb. 24, 2006 Spencer Award Dinner
Dr. Don Baker ?Awardee
6:00 at The Kaufman Foundation
Tues Apr. 25, 2006

KC-ACS Awards Meeting
McCoy Meeting House, Park University.

Tues Sept 19, 2006

"Chemical Sources for the 21st Century"
Dr. John J. Meister
Location: Midwest Research Institute, Mag Conference Center

Tues Oct. 10, 2006

"Doing Chemistry at the Art/Archaeology Interface"
Mary Virginia Orna
Afternoon seminar @ 3:00-4:00 at UMKC
Katz Room 2A
Dinner Seminar: Program starts @ 6:00 with tour, dinner and talk @ 7:30
Joint dinner meeting with KU section of ACS at the Hollyfield Winery
"Uncovering the Secrets of Medieval Artists Through Chemistry?

Tues Nov 14, 2006 "Antioxidants in Green Tea, Beer, and Red Wine"
Dr. Tawfik M. ElAttar
Missouri Department of Conservation Discovery Center



Fri,   Feb 25, 2005 SPENCER Award Dinner,
"By the Awful Grace ofGod"
Dr. Steven D. Aust, Utah St. Univ.
Linda Hall Library
Thurs.,  Apr  21, 2005 "Risk Assessment Milestones"
Dr. J. Doull, KUMed Center
Discovery Center
Thur., May 19, 2005 "Opportunity in aircraft industry"
Dr. Peter H. Wu (Boeing, Wichita),
Rockhurst University,
Award meeting
Mon., Oct. 10, 2005 "Chemistry-Contributions to the Quality of Life"
Dr Helen Free
(Past ACS President)
Thur., Dec. 1, 2005 "Ensuring the future: The ACS and the Chemical Enterprise"
Dr. Ann Nalley,
(2006 ACS President) at the Discovery Center



Thurs Jan 22, 2004 "Partnership between Industry & Education"
Margaret E. Wickham & Mary Ann Figuly
Discovery Center
Tues Mar 2, 2004 SPENCER Award Dinner
"Chemistry in the Salad Bowl:  The Organosulfur and Organoselenium Chemistry of Garlic, Onions andMushrooms"
Dr. Eric Block, State University of New York
Linda Hall Library
Wed  May 12, 2004 The NIH COBRE Center for Cancer Experimental Therapeutics at the University of Kansas
Gunda I. Georg, Ph.D., KU
Massman Hall, Rockhurst University
Wed  Sept 22, 2004 Boulevard Brewery


Mon  Oct 25, 2004 National Chemistry Week Project Seed
Dr. M. Dixon
Wed Dec 15, 2004 Dr. Cheng's 90th Birthday and Holiday Party
Princess Garden



Thurs January 30, 2003 "Research and Applications in Bio-Inorganic Chemistry"
Dr. David Van Horn
Thurs February 27, 2003 Spencer Award Winner
"The Importance of Enantiomeric Analysis in Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Science "
Dr. Daniel W. Armstrong, 2002 More Info
Thurs  Apr  17, 2003 "Green Chemistry: Principles, Practices, and Economics"
Dr. Mary Kirchhoff, Green Chemistry Institute, Wash. DC
Discovery Center.
Mon May 12, 2003 "Career Paths in the Sciences:  One Woman's Journey"
Dr. Vaneica Young, U of Florida.  Also  Honoring Award Winners
Massman Hall, Rockhurst University
Wed  Sept 24, 2003 Tour of Boulevard Brewing Company  


Tues  Oct 14, 2003 "Transporters on the Cornea and Design of Nucleoside Analogues Targeted to these Transporters" 
Dr. Ashim K. Mitra, UMKC Pharm
Thurs  Nov 13, 2003 "Searching for a Protein Kinase that Utilizes Phosphoenolpyruvate as the Phosphoryl Donor" by Dr. Gerald M. Carlson, UMKC
Thurs  Dec 11, 2003 "Environmentally Beneficial Catalysis"
Dr. Bala Subramaniam, University of Kansas
Discovery Center



Wed.   Feb  6, 2002 "New Tooth Colored Materials That will Replace Your Ugly Silver Fillings"
Dr. J. David Eick, UMKC
Thurs.  Feb 28, 2002 SPENCER Award Banquet. 
"How Plants Defend Against Insect Pests By Recruiting Wasps as Bodyguards"
Dr. James Tumlinson, USDA, Gainesville, FL.
Linda Hall Library
Tues.  Mar. 26, 2002 Tour of Boulevard Brewing Company.


Mon   Apr 22, 2002 "Chromatography- A New Science Discipline"
Dr. Charles Gehrke, Emeritus/Biochem, UMKC
Thurs  Sept  12, 2002 "The Chemistry of Vincent van Gogh and King George III"
Wilfred Niels Arnold Ph.D.,  Biochem, UMKC
Wed  Oct  2, 2002 "Dioxins:Our Environment and Us"
Jeffrey C. Archer, US Food And Drug Adm.


Tues   Jan 30, 2001 "125 Years of American Chemical Society It's Time for a Change"
Dr. Attlia Pavlath, President, ACS
Linda Hall & UMKC
Wed.   Feb  28, 2001 SPENCER Award Banquet. 
"Defining Sex Signals in Moths & Mammals"
Dr. Wendell L. Roelofs, Cornell University
Little Theater, KC Auditorium
Wed   Mar  28, 2001  "Wine Tasting: Nutritional Value of Wine and Tea"
Dr. Tawfik Elattar Biochem, UMKC
Pirtles Winery, Weston MO
Tues  Apr 10, 2001 "Optimizing Information Exchange in the Pharmaceutical Sciences"
Dr. Richard T. Borchardt, KU.  Joint meeting with AAPS
Golden Ox
Thurs  Sept  27, 2001 Explore Linda Hall Library
Linda Hall and Accurso Italian
Wed   Oct 24, 2001 "Real Chemistry in the Real World:  Cleaning Up the Environment"
Dr. Steve L. Wilhelm
Flarsheim Hall, UMKC
Wed  Nov 14, 2001 "Fighting Cancer:  New Strategies for Targeting Telomerase;  A Potential Universal Cancer Target"
Simon Friedman Ph.D. UMKC Pharm Science
Massman Hall, Rockhurst U.
Tues  Dec 11, 2001 "The Global Drug Development Cycle"
three presenters AAI  International
AAI International


Thurs Jan 20, 2000 "Small Air Bubbles in Liquids, Technology & Chemistry"
Dr. H. Yasuda, UM Columbia
Flarsheim Hall, UMKC
Thurs Feb 17, 2000 SPENCER Award Dinner. 
"On the Path to Biorational Herbicide Discovery"
James A. Sikorski, Ph.D.  Monsanto
Little Theater
Wed  Mar 8, 2000 "Chemical Magic from the Grocery Store:  Dispel Chemophobia"
Dr. Andy Sae,  Eastern New Mexico University
Massman Hall, Rockhurst
Thurs  April 27, 2000 "A Century of Chemistry"
Dr. Daryle H. Busch,  President of ACS
Pierson Auditorium, UMKC
Thurs  May 11, 2000 "Honoring Recent Award Winners"
Fortune Star Restaurant, KS
Fri  Sept 15, 2000 "Maintaining a Career in Chemistry"
Dr. Dorit L. Noether
Wed  Oct 4, 2000 "America's Scientific Treasures"
Drs. Paul & Brenda Cohen
Avila College
Wed   Nov 15,2000 "UFO, Unique Fullerene Objects, Soccer Ball Fragments, Saucers, & Cups"
Dr. Kathleen V. Kilway, UMKC
Longview College
Tues,  Dec 19, 2000 "Chemical Magic"
Dr. Marvin Dixon, William Jewell College
William Jewell College


Thurs  Jan14, 1999 "The Life and Times of Smalll Oxygen Carriers"
Dr. Daryle H. Busch,  ACS President-Elect
Thurs  Feb 25, 1999 SPENCER Award Banquet
"Improvement in the Quality and Safety of Food"
Dr. Mendel Friedman,  USDA
Little Theatre
Wed  Mar 10, 1999 "The Applications of Chemistry to the Examinations of Works of Art"
Dr. Suzanne Quillen Lomax,  National Gallery of Art
Main Chinese
Wed  Apr 21, 1999 "Green Chemistry: Challenges & Opportunities for all Chemistry in the Twenty-First Century"
Dr. Joseph Breen, Green Chemistry Institute
Jerusalem Cafe
Tues  May 18, 1999 Honoring Recent Award Winners
Massman Gallery, Massman Hall
Thurs   Sept 23, 1999 "Polymers for Light-Emitting Diodes: Seeing Polymers in a New Light"
Dr. Z. Peng, UMKC
UMKC University Center
Wed  Oct 20, 1999 "The Use and Misuse of Scientific Evidence (or Sherlock Holmes Makes Mistakes)"
Dr. Richard W. Henderson, Southeastern Research Laboratories
Avila College
Thurs   Nov 18, 1999 "Mercury Release from Dental Amalgam: A Clear and Present Danger or Tales of a "Mad Hatter"
Dr. Paulette Spencer, UMKC Dentistry
Park College
Thurs    Dec 9, 1999 "Science City at Union Station:  A New Model for Recreational Learning"
Dr. David A. Ucko, President of Science City
Union Station


Thurs  Jan 22, 1998 "A World Outside of the Laboratory:  Experiences of Career Planning"
Tonya Fogg, and others.  National ACS
Princess Gardens
Thurs  Feb 26, 1998 SPENCER Award Banquet
"40 Years of Starch Research"
Dr. William M. Doane, Biotechnology R & D Corp
Little Theater
Mon  Mar 9, 1998 "Science Education:  What is it?  Who needs it?"
Dr. Norman Hackerman, U of Texas
Wyndham Garden Hotel
Mon  Apr 20, 1998 "The Micro-World of Organic Solid-State Chemistry"
Dr. Anthony Trozzolo, Univ. of Notre Dame
Colony Steak House
Wed  May 13, 1998 Honoring Recent Award Winners
Princess Garden Restaurant
Wed  Sept 16, 1998 "Fluorine and Tritium NMR Studies of Biological Structures"
Dr. J. T. Gerig, U of Cal-Santa Barbara
Benjamin Hotel & Suites
Wed  Oct 14, 1998 "Boston Harbor Sediments. There's More Than Tea"
Dr. Frank T. Manheim, US Geological Survey
Double Dragon
Thurs  Nov 19, 1998 "Is it Chemistry or Magic?"
Dr. Otis Rothenberger and Dr. James Webb, Illinois State University
William Jewell College
Tues  Dec 8, 1998 "Applications of Ion Chromatography-Mass Spectroscopy"
Dr. Sheher Moshin, Bayer Corp.


Tues  Jan 29, 1997 The American Heartland Theatre Presents "Return to the Forbidden Planet"


Thurs Feb 20, 1997 SPENCER Award Banquet
"Approaches to Higher Value Starches and Starch Products"
Dr. James N BeMiller, Purdue University
Little Theatre
Wed Mar 12, 1997 "America's Funniest Chemical Videos"
Dr. John Fortman,  Wright State University
Golden Ox
Tues April 15, 1997 "Analytical Plasma Source Mass Spectrometric Analysis for Nutrition and Toxicology"
Dr. Ramon M. Barnes, U of Mass.
Old Spaghetti Factory
Tues May 20, 1997 Honoring Recent Award Winners
Princess Garden Restaurant
Mon  Sept 22, 1997 "The History of the Invention of the Mass Spectrometer"
Dr. Maurice M. Bursey, U of Chapel Hill NC
Princess Garden
Tues  Oct 14, 1997 "Cold Confusion"
Dr. J. J. Lagowski, U of Texas, Austin
Jennies Italian
Wed  Nov  19, 1997 "Challenges in the Development of a Channel Forming Peptide Drug for The Treatment of Cystic Fibrosis (CF)"
Dr. John M. Tomich, KSU
Manny's South
Wed  Dec 17, 1997 "Vincent van Gogh:  Chemicals, Crises, and Creativity"
Dr. Wilfred Niels Arnold, KUMC
Haywards Pit BBQ


Thurs  Jan 25, 1996 "The Impact of Internet Technology on Science, Industry and the Public Sector"
Dr. Timothy R. Carr, KS Geological Survey KU
Golden Ox
Thurs  Feb 22, 1996 SPENCER Award Banquet
"Development and Commercialization of Biotechnology Products Strategies and Status"
Dr. Robert T. Fraley, Ceregen/Monsanto
Little Theatre
Tues  Mar  19, 1996 "Working in the Tropics on Food Problems"
Dr. Peter J. Reilly, Iowa State University
Old Spaghetti Factory
Thurs   Apr  18, 1996 "The Chemistry of Water and Soil Systems, World-wide"
Ms.Ann Mary Nefcy, ChemData Inc.  & Awards Presentation
Princess Gardens Restaurant
Wed   May  15, 1996 "Myth and Mystery of Supercritical Fluids"
Dr. Val Krukonis, Phasex,  Corporation
Jennies Italian
Thurs  Sept 5, 1996 "I.  Kekule's Predecessors ; II.  Adventures of a Chemist-Collector"
Dr. Albert Bader, Aldrich Chem Co
Golden Ox
Thurs  Oct 24, 1996 "Discovery of the Elements"
Dr. James L. Marshall, U of N Texas
Princess Garden
Tues Dec 17, 1996 "The Kansas City ACS Year in Review"
Golden Ox