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Volunteer Opportunities!

In October 2015, the Kansas City section will host the 50th annual Midwest Regional Meeting. About 30 volunteers will be needed to help with a variety of functions for the meeting. If you are willing to help, please contact the General Chair, Mike Ducey, by emailing:  ducey@missouriwestern.edu or calling 816-271-4391. 


Local Section Annual Award Ceremony for
Outstanding High School Students and Teachers
and 50/60-Year ACS Members

WHEN:  Monday, April 28, 2014
4:30pm: An early tour of the Kanas Bioscience Venture Accelerator facility is available.  If interested, please RSVP to Jon Tally (jonftally@gmail.com) by April 25th. The facility is located next to the K-State Campus at 10900 S. Clay Blair Blvd., Olathe, KS 66061.
5:30pm:  Social and Tour of Kansas State Olathe Campus
6:30pm:  Presentation by Dr. Das
7:30pm:  Dinner and Award Presentations to 50 & 60 year ACS Members as well as Outstanding High School Students and Teachers                                     
WHERE: Kansas State University, Olathe Campus, 22201 W. College Blvd., Olathe KS 66061. For directions, contact (913) 541-1220 for directions.
SPEAKER:  Dr. Bhaskar C. Das, Associate Professor, KU Med Center
TOPIC:  “From Carrot to Clinic: Retinoic Acid Signaling Pathways in Development and Diseases”
CATERING:Jack Stack BBQ will provide their famous hickory-smoked meats.  Plenty of grilled vegetables and other sides will be available for vegetarian and non-vegetarians alike.  A cash bar serving beer and wine will also be available with dinner.
COST:  $10 per (non-award winning) student; $15 for all other guests.
Please RSVP by Noon on Thursday, April 24th by emailing Sarah Leibowitz at sleibowitzacs@gmail.com


¡°Science: The Final Frontier in Online Education¡±

WHEN:  Monday, February 3, 2014
6:15pm Refreshments (Minsky¡¯s Pizza)
7:00pm Presentation

 MRI¡¯s Global Arthur Mag Conference Center, 4920 Cherry, KC Missouri
Dr. Devon Cancilla, Vice Provost of Online and Distant Learning, UMKC
For your enjoyment of pizza, please RSVP by 2:00pm on Mon., Feb. 3rd by emailing Sarah Leibowitz at sleibowitzacs@gmail.com


Updating the Bylaw

We will discuss and vote on the acceptance in the next meeting.

Please click here download the propost bylaw (.doc)

Please click here to download the comparison of the old/propost bylaw (.doc)



2013 Kenneth A Spencer Award Ceremony

Click here for Photo Gallery

Click here for Live Video


Watch ACS Webinars Online from your Home Computer

ACS' upcoming webinars (click here for the list and event date)

ACS' archived webinars (click here for the list and content)

An example of the past webinar (available starting on Oct. 18) is:

Putting Your Best Foot Forward: Managing Your Paper and Online Resumes
The webinar helps you learn:

  • What essential information employers are looking for in a resume...and what you should leave out

  • How to design your online resume to include effective keywords to make it more searchable

  • Review examples of good and bad resumes.

You can watch the video from your own computer by clicking: http://acswebinars.org/managing-your-resumes

Local Section Award Ceremony for Students, Teachers, and
50/60-Year ACS Members


Kansas City Area 10 Finalists from the 2013 USNCO Screening Exam

2012 Spencer Award Ceremony Photo Gallery


2012 Local Section Award Ceremony Photo Gallery




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