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About the Spencer Award


Founded 1955

Administered by the

Supported by a gift from
Kansas City, Missouri

The Kenneth A. Spencer Award (formerly the Charles E. Spencer Award) for outstanding achievement in agricultural chemistry is administered by the Kansas City Section of the American Chemical Society. The award recognizes meritorious contributions to the field of agricultural and food chemistry. The Kansas City Section presents this award in the hope that it will give added stimulus in research, education and industry to further progress in agricultural and food chemistry. The award shall consist of an appropriate medal and an honorarium of $5,000 to be presented annually at a public meeting of the Kansas City Section of the American Chemical Society.

To be eligible for the award, a candidate must be a citizen of the United States and must have done the work for which he or she qualifies as a candidate within the United States. The candidate need not be a member of the American Chemical Society. A candidate's work, whether it be done in education, industry or research, should have meritoriously contributed to the advancement of agricultural and food chemistry.

Method of Nomination
The Kansas City Section shall communicate a request for nominations to various groups and persons who may be desirous of nominating candidates. These requests will include, but not be limited to the managers and directors of research of member corporations of the American Chemical Society; chair and chair-elect of American Chemical Society local sections; directors of agricultural experiment stations; department heads of chemistry in land grant and other colleges and universities; and national officers of the American Chemical Society. The request itself will be accompanied by a nominating blank and instructions. Additional nominating blanks may be obtained from the Kansas City Section of the American Chemical Society.

The nomination shall include a biographical sketch of the nominee containing minimum vital statistics, parents' name, education and professional experience; a list of published papers and patents; a specific identifying statement of the work on which the nomination is based; and an evaluation and appraisal of the nominee's accomplishments with special emphasis on the work to be recognized by the award. Send nomination to:

Chair, Kenneth A. Spencer Award
American Chemical Society
c/o Dr. Eckhard Hellmuth,
Prof. Emeritus, Dept of Chemistry, UMKC
5100 Rockhill Rd., Kansas City, MO 64110
Office (816) 235-2290
Fax   (816) 235-5520
Dr. Eckhard Hellmuth

Selection of Award Winner
The Executive Committee of the Kansas City Section will select a jury of twelve persons from the membership at large of the American Chemical Society. The jury will fairly represent industry, education and research and will be selected on a nationwide basis. The jury shall have the prerogative of determining that no award should be made, if the qualifications of the several candidates do not meet the standards established by the jury.

The Award
The recipient of the award shall be advised of his or her selection. The recipient will receive the Kenneth A. Spencer medal and an honorarium of $6,000 both of which will be presented at a public meeting the following spring sponsored by the Kansas City Section of the American Chemical Society. At this meeting the recipient will deliver an address, preferably upon the subject of the work for which they have been recognized. Subsequently, that address will be published, if possible, in an appropriate journal. The Kansas City Section will reimburse the recipient and spouse for round-trip travel expenses to Kansas City for the presentation.