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We welcome students to join our department and to thrive in an intellectually challenging atmosphere of collegial scholarship. Our Department offers the opportunity for study well beyond the traditional boundaries of economics.

The department offers both a Bachelor of Arts and a minor in economics.

Upon graduating with a B.A. degree in Economics:

  • Students will be able to distinguish the attributes of a variety of economic theories and policies.
  • Students will be able to use their economic knowledge to examine a wide variety of problems that are economic, social and/or political in nature, on both the micro and macro levels.
  • Students will have knowledge of statistical methods that will become part of their problem-solving toolset.
  • Students will become proficient writers through assignments in regular classes, as well as intensive-writing experiences in the capstone course.
  • All students will have undertaken a research project in conjunction with a local community development corporation as part of an academic service learning assignment. In fact, there will be many opportunities to be actively engaged with the Kansas City community through our community service requirement in various courses.
  • Students will be better problem solvers and better-informed citizens.

The undergraduate degree in economics is excellent preparation for graduate study in economics and most other academic disciplines, as well as law and business. A degree in economics opens a wide range of career choices including teaching, government service, finance, banking and insurance. It is excellent preparation for a career in business, public administration and management.

For prospective graduate students, the department offers both a Master of Arts and an Interdisciplinary Ph. D. in Economics.

Students graduating with a master's degree in economics will:

  • Have an advanced knowledge of the basic areas of the field.
  • Be able to integrate their knowledge with critical thinking skills.
  • Be able to articulate their knowledge, both orally and in writing.
  • Be able to effectively research the literature of this field.

The Department of Economics offers a master of arts degree. The M.A. program seeks to provide students with a broad level of competence in economics. Students are encouraged to extend the reach of their scholarship to acquire a wide-ranging foundation in addition to technical mastery of theory and quantitative methods. This is done through the combination of required and elective courses.

The Interdisciplinary Ph.D. Program in economics spans traditional boundaries among disciplines. The goal of the Department is to help students develop knowledge and skills for independent research on the fundamental questions of the present and the future. The world of the future will require scholars with a global approach to problem solving. The program is designed to provide self-directed students with academic training at the highest level, while allowing their participation as colleagues in research of fundamental importance. The Department's tradition of Institutional, Post Keynesian, and other heterodox scholarship is particularly well-suited to such an interdisciplinary approach.

Prospective graduate students may refer to the Graduate Student Handbook for information on the Masters and Ph.D programs, Graduate Assistantships, Co-disciplines, admissions requirements, and other program activities. See also, information on careers and applications.

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Faculty advisors are as follows:

UnderGraduate Faculty Advisor:

Professor Frederic Lee
leefs@umkc.edu | 816.235.2543 | Manheim 202D

Graduate Faculty Advisors:

Professor Peter Eaton (Ph. D. Advisor)
eatonp@umkc.edu | 816.235.2832 | Haag 210B
Professor Linwood Tauheed (Masters Advisor)
tauheedl@umkc.edu | 816.235.6477 | Manheim ???

January 15th, 2010
: :
Application Deadline for the Ph. D. program

Students applying to the Ph. D. program for the Fall Semester of 2010 must submit applications to the School of Graduate Studies by January 15th, 2009. MA applications are welcome anytime.