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Economics Club

The Economics Club at UMKC promotes interaction among undergraduate, graduate students, faculty and distinguished economists and professionals.


A student-refereed economics journal sponsored by the Economics Club at the University of Missouri - Kansas City. The Journal welcomes contributions in all areas of political economy, economic methodology, economic history, and history of economic thought. All economic traditions—including but not limited to Post Keynesian, Institutionalist, Marxist, Feminist, Austrian, and Sraffian—are welcomed in our Journal. Oeconomicus publishes both theoretical and empirical research, as well as interviews with distinguished economists and policy makers. We encourage contributors to submit book reviews, and we welcome any comments on publications appearing in our Journal.

Economics Club

The Purpose of the International Honor Society in Economics of the University of Missouri-Kansas City is to recognize scholastic attainment and honoring of outstanding achievements in economics, and promote scholarly research and interaction among students and faculty working in the field of economics.




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