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 Current Seminars

Economic Theory Seminar - Facilitated by Professor Fred Lee

Money Seminar- Facilitated by Professors Stephanie Bell and L.R Wray

Seminar on Pragmatism - Facilitated by Jim Webb, Social Science Consortium

Previous Seminars

Monthly CFEPS Seminar
   Sponsored by the Center for Full Employment and Price Stability

Doctoral Seminar on Research Methodology
   Facilitated by Fred Lee

Labor Seminar by Visiting Professor Daniel Kostzer  


The Nature, Origins, and Role of Money




An Open Letter to the U.S. Congress

Institutionalist Perspectives on the “New Economy” and “Globalization”
- AFEE/UMKC Summer School (June 23-28, 2001)

Letter from AFEE/UMKC Summer School Participants