"Where is the best economics now being done? UMKC."
                      -- James K. Galbraith


UMKC Economics graduate students Christian Spanberger and Brandon McCoy won the 2014 AFIT student paper competition and will be presenting their papers at the AFIT meetings in April. Christian's paper is "Just Another Form of Market Governance: A grounded theory of cartels" and Brandon's paper is "On Employment: An analysis of the Compatibility between Veblen and the Employer of Last Resort".

UMKC Economics graduate student and Economics Club President Stefanie Cole has been elected as the graduate student representation to the AFIT Board.


student who got job and KC Fed

"My undergraduate degree in economics helped me land a series of internships, which ultimately led to a position at the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City."

Mwai Malindi
Bachelor of Arts in Economics



2013 Economic Report of the President

2013 economic report of the president
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