"Where is the best economics now being done? UMKC."
                      -- James K. Galbraith

In Remembrance

Today we remember the life of a great teacher, scholar, and rabble-rouser – Professor Frederic S. Lee. (1949-2014) His life and accomplishments inspire us to strive to live up to the example he set for us.

Each time he stepped into the classroom, Prof. Lee brought a fiery passion to his teaching. In an era of hyper-specialization, he drew on his immense knowledge of heterodox economics to connect with students, no matter what their interest. We knew that Prof. Lee’s door was always open to students. He would happily spend hours helping us develop our research and ourselves. Even when we weren’t always confident in our own theories, Prof. Lee believed in us.

Prof. Lee’s steadfast commitment to intellectual pluralism stood as an inspiration for all who met him. As a scholar, he engaged with a wide range of alternative approaches to economics. He went even further with his commitment to interdisciplinary scholarship. Prof. Lee encouraged students and colleagues alike to learn the traditions and methods of other disciplines in order to create better explanations for how the world really works. Through his own interdisciplinary work, he played a critical role in the establishment of heterodox economics qua theory.

As an organizer, Prof. Lee put his theories into practice by advocating for social justice. Economists around the world remember him for his legacy of building an inclusive community of researchers and activists. He never wanted us to separate ourselves from the real world, becoming cloistered in the ivory towers of academia. To the very end, his dedication to social justice burned like a torch in the night, guiding our path forward. At the 2014 Interdisciplinary Conference, he called on us to fight for justice and solidarity. Although our hearts ache with loss, we will celebrate his life by answering that call.

May he rest in peace.

The Economics Graduate Students of the University of Missouri at Kansas City


student who got job at KC Fed

"My undergraduate degree in economics helped me land a series of internships, which ultimately led to a position at the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City."

Mwai Malindi
Bachelor of Arts in Economics

“Because of the patient instruction and mentorship from the Department of Economics faculty, I have the privilege of thinking about both macro and micro fundamentals, the machinations of capital markets, and even the basics of supply and demand in my new position. I get to do this every day, which is what I wanted when I first embarked on my collegiate journey. Thank you.”

Nathan Flad, BA 2014, West Plains, LLC


"UMKC's Economics undergraduate program encourages critical thinking and recognizes it as an essential skill for post graduate life."

Thomas Hoy, BA, 2014, Merrill Lynch



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