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The Graduate Certificate in the Teaching of Writing is an 18 credit hour program offered through the Greater Kansas City Writing Project, with the support of the English Department and the School of Education at the University of Missouri-Kansas City. The Certificate aims to provide teachers with both theoretical and practical knowledge of all aspects of teaching writing, and is especially appropriate for post master's degree candidates who which to pursue a specialization in teaching writing.

The Certificate requires 18 credit hours of graduate study, with 9 required credit hours and 9 elective credit hours.

Three core courses are required for the Graduate Certificate (totaling 9 credit hours):

  • English 5550MA/5591: Greater Kansas City Writing Project Invitational Institute (3)
  • English 5520A: Teaching Writing with New Media (3)
  • English 5520B: Seminar in Professional Writing for Teachers-Advanced Institute (3)

  • Three applicable elective courses are required for the Graduate Certificate (totaling 9 credit hours), and these may be drawn from the following graduate offerings in English and Education:

  • English 5519: Teaching Writing: Theories, Histories, Contexts, Practices (3)
  • English 5533: Histories of Writing, Reading, and Publishing (3)
  • English 5541: Girls and Print Culture (3)
  • English 5545: History and Principles of Rhetoric(3)
  • English 5550M: Graduate Seminar in Rhetoric and Composition (3)
  • English 5550P: Graduate Seminar: Sociolinguistics and Dialectology(3)
  • English 5555M: Graduate Seminar: Composition(3)

  • Suggested electives applicable to the Med in Education:

  • EDCI 5546: Literacy Development/Biliteracy (3)
  • EDCI 5547: Second Language Acquisition (3)
  • EDCI 5548: English As A Second Language in Content Areas (3)
  • EDCI 5562: Teaching For Equality And Social Justice(3)
  • EDCI 5546: Intercultural Communication(3)

Questions?  Contact Katie Kline, GKCWP director, at 816-235-2554 or E-mail

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For department application information contact Katie Kline, GKCWP director via E-mail or
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