Science Education Outreach


Nationwide, African-American & Hispanic students are disproportionately underrepresented in the field of science and especially in the geosciences. Racial minority groups represent about 25% of the population, and earn about 15% of the total bachelorís degrees granted in science and engineering; and only 4.6% of the geosciences BS degrees (NSF Geosciences Diversity Workshop, 2000; Kansas City has a large and vibrant Hispanic and African-American communities and our education outreach programs are focused on strengthening the educational preparation and expanding science career opportunities for the youth from these communities. Initiatives that are currently being implemented in partnership with the Kansas City Missouri School District (KCMO) and the UMKC School Of Education (SOE) include  projects funded by NSF (GEOPATHS) and the Missouri Department of Higher Education (GeoMAP). A third initiative, t
he UMKC Minority Outreach Science Enrichment Program (MOSEP) provides academic mentoring and summer research exposure to middle school aged students in the Kansas City area. These projects promote innovative methods for teaching and learning scientific principles through inquiry by leveraging resources from national programs such as GLOBE ( and IRIS (

The GLOBE Program is a hands-on science and education program that unites students, teachers, and scientists from around the world in study and research about the dynamics of Earthís environment. Over a million GLOBE students in more than 14,000 schools located in 100 countries are taking important environmental measurements, using their data in their own research and also making it available to scientists around the world. Dr. Adegoke is a GLOBE certified trainer and the U.S. National GLOBE Partner responsible for the Kansas City area.

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