Student Research

New Histories Researched and Written by UMKC Students and Alumni


MA Theses

Cline, Randi, The Work and the Glory: Historical Fiction and Cultural Narrative in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints,” 2019.

Alumni Publications

Poston, Brook, James Monroe: A Republican Champion, Gainesville: University Press of Florida, 2019.


Undergraduate Theses

Albright, Hunter, “You Came Here Seeking Freedom: World War I Propaganda Posters and Jewish American Identity,” 2018.

Anderson, Nick, “The Plebian Influence on the Marian Reforms,” 2018.

Bilyeu, Zachary, “Survive! Samuel Fuller’s The Big Red One as a Reflection on 1970s America,” 2018.

Burton, Sarah, “The Dependents: Women on Their Own in 18th Century London,” 2018.

Culp, Brittany, “The Humanist Influence: Opposition and Affirmation among Preachers in Renaissance Florence,” 2018.

Erikson, Holly, “The Vestal Virgins: An Analysis of the Influence and Power of Female Religious Figures in Ancient Rome,” 2018.

Fanciullo, Jordon, “Imperial Virtus: A Numismatic Study of Emperor Hadrian’s Coinage and Representations of Roman Gender Dynamics,” 2018.

Freiermuth, Samuel, “Facing the Iron Brigade: 10 Years of Conflict and Its Effect on the Kansas Militia,” 2018.

Fulbright, David, “Florentine Historians’ Depictions of the Guelph-Ghibelline Conflict,” 2018.

Greenberg, Matthew, “Huey Long and Anti-Semitism: How Huey Long Masked His Anti-Semitic Views through Anti Banking Rhetoric,” 2018.

Griffin, Ashley, “Prosperity of the 1930s & 1940s: The Success of Nelly Don & the Donnelly Garment Company,” 2018.

Hanson, John, “The Rise of Charter Schools in Kansas City,” 2018.

Holman, Chris, “‘Get Down, You Damn Fool!’ The Birth of the Sniper: How the Whitworth Rifle Helped to Change the Battle Field Forever,” 2018.

Juknevicius, Gaile, “Trimming Down Anglo-Norman History: How the Rise of the Irish Anglo-Norman Aristocracy Was Reflected in the Architecture and Archaeology of Trim Castle in Trim, County Meath, Ireland,” 2018.

Klint, Alyson, “Eugenics—Positive, Negative or Both? The Case of Dr. Florence Sherbon,” 2018.

Laney, Kaija, “Suicide in the Executive Mansion: How the Death of Thomas Reynolds Led to the Creation of Missouri’s First Asylum,” 2018.

Loya, Luis, “The Mexican Urban Experience in Kansas City,” 2018.

Martinez, John, “Winds of Empire: The U.S. Response to Hurricane Disaster in Puerto Rico, 1928,” 2018.

Mason, Andromeda, “Junius Groves: Potato King,” 2018.

Piatt, Joshua, “The Whiskey Rebellion: The First Watershed of Infant American Politics,” 2018.

Prado, Erika, “The Creation of an Icon: The Bolivian Cholita’s Role in Identity Formation In Eighteenth-Century Bolivia,” 2018.

Provo, Zachary, “After Stonewall: Gay Political and Sexual Expression through Dance,” 2018.

Sicola, John, “The Veteran Artist: Max Beckmann,” 2018.

Valdivia, Ray, “Ambrose’s Letters: Blessing and Chastisement,” 2018.

Winkler, Elijah, “Gompers Goes to War: The AFL, the International Workers of the World, and the First World War, 1913-1918,” 2018.

MA Theses

Bye, Taylor, “‘On the Side of Freedom and Loyalty:’ Reconstruction in Western Missouri, 1865-1875,” 2018.

Mika, Joshua Christopher, “Constructing Comanche: Imperialism, Print Culture, and the Creation of the Most Dangerous Indian in Antebellum America,” 2018.

Ploth, Kevin, “When Cultures Collide: How Primitive Masculinity and Class Conflict Derailed the Patrick J. Hurley Diplomatic Mission to China, 1944-1945,” 2018.

PhD Theses

Pingelton, Timothy James, “Three Paths To Religious Integration In Ernest Hemingway’s War Fiction,” 2018.

Alumni Publications

Egli, Rebecca, “‘The World of Our Dreams’: Agricultural Explorers and the Promise of American Science,” PhD diss., University of California, Davis, 2018.

Hanzlick, K. David, Benevolence, Moral Reform, Equality: Women’s Activism in Kansas City, 1870-1940, Columbia: University of Missouri Press, 2018.

Fall 2018 Capstone Program

Spring 2018 Capstone Program


Undergraduate Theses

Carmona, Jude, “The History of ‘Hiroshima Is a Lie’: The Dissemination of the Nuclear Weapons Hoax Conspiracy Theory,” 2017.

Hampton, Tyler, “The Influence of Pedagogical Practices on Government in Ancient Sparta and Rome,” 2017.

Olson, Maria, “Wife, Mother, Mistress: The Formation of Identity by English Gentry Women in the Late Medieval Period,” 2017.

Pacubas, Mara, “U.S. MASH Nurses in Korea, 1950-1953,” 2017.

Stenger, David, “A Final Quest Concerning the Rectification of Principles,” 2017.

MA Theses

Brown, Kenan Aaron, “Loving all People Regardless of Race, Creed, or Color”: James L. Delk and the Lost History of Pentecostal Interracialism,” 2017.

Peile, Kaylee M, “Building Bridges: An Anthology of the War on Prostitution and the Greater Women’s Movement in Kansas City,” 2017.

Scheil, Luke Slater, “From Pop Culture to Nuclear Debate: The Impact of The Day After in Lawrence and Kansas City,” 2017.

Smith, Gregory S, “The Laboring Irish: Developing Community and Industry in Early Kansas City,” 2017.

PhD Theses

Davis, Justin Allen, “The Theological Edifice of Modern Experiential Protestantism: Schleiermacher, Kierkegaard, and Palmer’s Reconstruction of Nineteenth Century Pietism,” 2017.

Kateusz, Allisyn, “An Inquiry into the Relationship between Community and Text: Narratives and Iconography Depicting Christian Women with Authority in Late Antiquity,” 2017.

Kelley, Tanya, “World to Word: Nomenclature Systems of Color and Species,” 2017.

Smith, Dale Warren, “The Victorian Preacher’s Malady: The Metaphorical Usage of Gout in the Life of Charles Haddon Spurgeon,” 2017.

Fall 2017 Capstone Program