History Alum Mary McMurray at Center for Midwestern Studies 2

Career Preparations

We are not your grandfather’s History department.

Instead of memorizing dates of Civil War battles or names of long dead kings, at UMKC we use the study of history to build the high demand skills needed for a variety of successful careers.

Of course, we share your passion for the past. If you are focused on a career in the academy, we will ensure that you are exceptionally well prepared. But UMKC history degrees also develop quantitative literacy as well as outstanding communication, collaboration, and digital literacy skills.

Most importantly, the study of history cultivates intellectual self-confidence and the ability to be a flexible and creative thinker. History degrees help you adapt to new professional challenges in a wide variety of occupations that range from business and economics, law and social policy, to educator and non-profit leader.

We invite you to come to the department to see the many ways we prepare our students for life after graduation.