UMKC Honors Program

Honors College Task Force


UMKC is looking at expanding our current Honors Program into an Honors College in order to create a significant high-impact learning environment that will increase our community of high-achieving student scholars. The Honors College would provide students who enter UMKC with advanced educational competencies, access to academically-challenging experiences and opportunities that may include more focused and challenging courses, and/or the opportunity to fast-track into graduate/professional programs. The Honors College Task Force met throughout the 2011-2012 academic year and developed a roadmap for the creation of an Honors College for the university.  Please visit the Honors College blog site for more information.


Cindy Pemberton, Chair, Office of the Provost

Chuck Connelly, UMKC Trustee

Frances Connelly, Department of Art/Art History and Honors Program Faculty Fellow

Dave Donnelly, Bloch School of Management

Robin Hamilton, Student Affairs

John Herron, Department of History and Assistant Director, UMKC Honors Program

Etta Hollins, School of Education

Diane Hunter, Miller Nichols Library

Kristin Lee, School of Nursing

Gayle Levy, Department of Foreign Languages & Literatures and Director, UMKC Honors Program

Sabrina Madison-Cannon, Conservatory of Music and Dance

Sally Mason, Administrative Assistant, UMKC Honors Program

Heather Pace, School of Pharmacy

Melisa Rempfer, Department of Psychology and Honors Program Faculty Fellow

Gail Hackett, Provost, ex officio

Amy Watson, Provost's Office, ex officio


Contact Info

Gayle A. Levy, Ph.D.
UMKC Honors Program Director
Phone: (816) 235-2820
             (816) 235-2182

University of Missouri-Kansas City
Honors Program
348 Administrative Center
5115 Oak Street
Kansas City, MO 64112
Phone: (816)235-2182