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Kansas City's only radio show about the workplace and the labor movement.

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Latest shows
Aug. 14   Shakerboarders: Will Dance for Food and deportation mill in Artesia, NM 
Aug. 7   Mondragon: What If You Could Elect Your Boss?
July 31    The Transportation Sales Tax and the Street Car Referenda on the August Ballot
July 24   Simon Says Fight for your Job and State Takeover of Normandy School District: Will Teachers Pay the Price?
Normandy: Extended Interviews1, 2, 3

July 17   Lean Production at UPS and Uber & Lyft: Taking Drivers for a Ride


THURSDAYS 6:00-7:00 PM
FRIDAYS 5:00-6:00 AM

live streaming at www.kkfi.org

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July-August 2014 schedule

Download our weekly calendar August 14, 2014

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  August 2014

Aug. 21   The Jazz Union: Whatever Happened to Local 627?
nderwritten by Boilermakers Local 83 and American Postal Workers Local 67

Aug. 28   Women’s Equality Day: ROCUnited’s Saru Jayaraman on Tips and Sexual Harassment and Pioneer Women
Underwritten by Kansas American Federation of Teachers and IBEW Local 124

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The News from Our Side

Safety First with Mary Erio

Economics Unmasked with UMKC Economics PhD students

Know Your Rights with Angie Williams
Washington Window on Workers with Mark Gruenberg


Labor Day 2013

Labor Day Parade 2013


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weekdays 4:57 & 6:57 AM and 3:00 PM

Celebrating 25 years on the air!
2013 and 2009 Winner of
ILCA Media Contest!
Listen to our winning entries
Shawn Saving's In Coal Blood: The Kansas Coal Debate
Jan Brill's Don't Be Ladylike: Scab Mugging and The
    Children's Crusade

Tino Scalici's Jerry Tucker: Labor Visionary

The Heartland Labor Forum is a weekly one-hour radio show about the workplace and economic issues on community radio KKFI in Kansas City. It has been on the air since 1989.


The Heartland Labor Forum is produced by volunteers from Kansas City unions and sponsored by Worker Education & Labor Studies at UMKC. For information or to volunteer, call (816) 235-1470, fax (816) 235-2834, or email us.


Member of The International Labor Communications Association of the AFL-CIO


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