Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Dan Krulewich Dan Krulewich

Graduate Teaching Assistant

M.A. (In progress), Curriculum & Instruction, UMKC
B.S. 1989, Physics, Univ. of Arkansas - Fayetteville

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Dan is enrolled as a Master's student, and eventual Ph.D. student, with concentration in Mathematics. From 2006-2009, he taught high school Biology, Chemistry, Physical Science, and Physics at Central High School, and Algebra I in Summer 2009, all in the Kansas City Missouri School District.

On Nov. 21, 2008, Dan gave a talk in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics Expository Talks Series, titled: "A Continuous Function with Zero Derivative "Almost Everywhere" on [0, 1] that is Nevertheless Strictly Increasing There!" From 2001 to the present, he has operated a personal business providing children's entertainment, and during 1998-2001 he was a Navy Supply Corps Officer and was department head of a headquarters level command.

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