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  • Question: Where can I take these Mathematics Entrance Tests?

    Answer: Anywhere you have a computer connected to the Internet. The Entrance Tests are available online through the UMKC Blackboard program.
    For example:

    • Off-campus: Take the Entrance Tests from your home, a local public library, a local school, and wherever else you might have access. Just be sure you are allowed at least 35 minutes to take a Test.
    • On the UMKC campus: Visit any one of several Student Computing Labs.

  • Question: What Topics do the Mathematics Entrance Tests cover?

    Answer: Visit Topics to see the list of mathematical topics covered by each of the Entrance Tests.

  • Question: How do I Check my Grades after I take a Mathematics Entrance Test?

    Answer: After you finish taking any of the Mathematics Entrance Tests and return to the home Blackboard page for that Test, click on the "Your Grade" button at the left of the screen. Then, click on the "My Grades" Blackboard link you will see. Your grade record will show the date and time of your "Highest Attempt", as Blackboard sees it. But unfortunately, Blackboard interprets the symbol "!" (which indicates you exceeded the 35 minute time limit on an attempt) as "higher" than any numerical score. So, if you ever went over-time, the only grade that will ever appear is "!". To see all your previous attempts, click on whatever score appears as your grade. (You will see an underline under the grade indicating it is a link!) If any one of your attempts is 15 or more, then you have passed the Entrance Test. Academic Advisors also know how to look for such a score.

  • Question: How do I enroll after I pass a Mathematics Entrance Test?

    Answer: Within a short time (usually 2-3 business days) after you pass an Entrance Test, Pathway will be notified that you passed. At that point you will be able to enroll yourself in the associated course. For current semester mathematics course information you should check BOTH
    Pathway, and the
    Department of Mathematics and Statistics Current Semester Course Schedules.
    Our department web site will often have more information.

  • Question: Are these Mathematics Entrance Tests offered anywhere on campus as paper tests?

    Answer: No. The Entrance Tests can only be taken online through the UMKC Blackboard program.

  • Question: What accommodations do you make for Students with Disabilities?

    Answer: If you have a documented disability and need academic accommodations for a Mathematics Entrance Test please contact the UMKC Office of Services for Students with Disabilities at (816) 235-5696 or (816) 235-5672, or email Of course, remember that you can take the tests as many times as you want until you pass.

  • Question: What is the "lifetime" of a Mathematics Entrance Test score?

    Answer: On each of the Mathematics Entrance Test Blackboard sites, your score is purged approximately 6 months after the last date you accessed that site.

  • Question: What should I do if my Mathematics Entrance Test score is borderline?

    Answer: If you have a borderline score, be realistic about your mathematical preparation. Ask yourself how long it has been since you completed your last mathematics course. If you have recently completed the prerequisite course(s) for the class in question, maybe you can do a little review, then take the Entrance Test again and pass with a substantially higher score. If your last mathematics course is not recent, consider taking the next lower course. Students often say "it'll come back to me when I'm in the class". Unfortunately that often doesn't happen. The longer it has been, the harder it is to review prerequisite material while you are trying to learn new material. Remember: The Entrance Test questions reflect only the minimum skills you need when entering our courses.

  • Question: What UMKC preparatory mathematics courses exist below the courses which require a Mathematics Entrance Test?

    • For below College Algebra (Math 110), consider Intermediate Algebra (Math 100).
    • For below Precalculus (Math 120), consider College Algebra (Math 110), or Intermediate Algebra (Math 100).
    • For below Brief Calculus & Matrix Algebra (Math 206), consider College Algebra (Math 110).
    • For below Calculus I (Math 210), Biomath I: Calculus and Modeling (Math 216), or Mathematics for Teachers: Calculus (Math 244), consider Precalculus (Math 120).
    • For below Elementary Statistics (Stat 235), consider College Algebra (Math 110).

  • Question: Am I guaranteed to pass a course if I pass the Mathematics Entrance Test?

    Answer: No. Students who pass an Entrance Test have, in the past, generally been successful in that course, though students with borderline scores do not perform as well as those with solid scores. Some students do not realize the differences in study skills and/or test-taking skills at the university level, or just take on too much in a given semester, and so on.

  • Question: Why take a Mathematics Entrance Test? If I fail a course, isn't that my responsibility?

    Answer: Many students, especially freshmen, do not have the experience to judge the level of difficulty of a university course. There are significant differences between high school and university expectations. Mastery of a subject and the ability to apply skills to new situations are some of the goals at UMKC. In order for faculty to maintain standards determined by their departments they must rely on the preparation of students before they enter classes. And just as important, a failing grade in a basic mathematics course will affect your overall success in many ways.

  • Question: If I don't pass the Mathematics Entrance Test for the course I want, can I sign something that allows me to take that course at my own risk?

    Answer: No. But talk to your Academic Advisor to discuss your options.

  • Question: Can my Academic Advisor waive the Mathematics Entrance Test rules?

    Answer: No. These rules are set by the Department of Mathematics and Statistics.

  • Question: If I wait until classes start, can I ask a Mathematics Instructor to sign me into a course, and avoid taking a Mathematics Entrance Test?

    Answer: No. Because we want to be consistent with all students, Instructors are not allowed to sign such students into their courses. You should take the appropriate Entrance Test as early as possible.

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