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Welcome to the UMKC chapter of the Society of Physics Students (SPS).
Membership in our chapter of SPS is free and open to any student at UMKC. We are one of nearly 700 chapters in colleges and universities in the United States.

5/07/2015 - SPS / Department Picnic!

The Physics department faculty and students to an opportunity to relax on the Arts and Sciences reading day with a picnic. The event went on as planned despite the rain with plenty of food and conversation under the cement shelter at Loose Park. Near the end of the event students helped make ice-cream using liquid nitrogen. We are still waiting for all of the pictures to come in for the event.

4/27/2015 - Fusor Test

Today the members met to discuss upcoming business and run through another fusor test. No pictures were taken during today's meeting; but will include pictures from the fusor test on 4/21/2015 where John included a smaller circular grid.

PICNIC - The picnic will take place on Thursday, May 7th from 4:30 - 6:30PM. If you have a suggestion for food or activities, please let an officer know.

SCHEDULE - The schedule for next week is still being decided.

Here are pictures from the fusor test on 4/21/2015:

4/22/2015 - Sante Fe Trail Elementary Science Night!

Society of Physics Students members once again drew a great deal of interest from the elementary school students at the event. Many physics demos were brought and explained to the students, but the Wimshurst machine was the most popular. We had chains of thirty people participating in the Wimshust "experiment". Below is a picture from the "experiment"!

4/13/2015 - Officer Elections / Continued Fusor Building

Today the members and officers met in the department conference room to hold officer elections and then finish assembling and testing the fusor.

Officer Elections took place during today's meeting. The following SPS members were (re-)/elected into office.
President - Jon Parman
Vice President - Gillen Brown
Treasurers - Will Leverette / Zach Le Munyon
Secretaries - Derrick Jennings / Zoe Lemon
Historians - Kelsey Knoernschild / Hannah Huhman

Congratulations to the new officers for the 2015-2016 academic year!

Below are some pictures from the meeting and fusor test.

4/02/2015 - Sunflower Elementary Science Night

Steve Siegel and Jon Parman assisted with a school event that included various subjects. The event was organized by Mrs. Siegel who works at the school. The Society of Physics Students table drew a great deal of interest from the Sunflower students and their families with large lines for both the Van de graaff generator and the Wimshurst machine. No pictures were available from the event.

3/30/2015 - Continued Fusor Building

For today's meeting, we are continuing to work on Fusor which will take place for the remainder of the semester. Some of the items of business discussed were the upcoming outreach events:
4/02/2015 @ 6-8PM - Sunflower Elementary Science Night
4/22/2015 @ 5-8PM - Santa Fe Trail Science Night

Also, the officer elections are rapidly approaching and if you would like to be considered; please send Jon Parman an email as soon as possible.

During the meeting, Mark Pederson showed a rudimentary E-M calculation attempting to describe the phenomenon inside the fusor; however, a more rigorous calculation will be needed to confirm fusion and emitted radiation levels.

Below are some pictures from the events:

3/09/2015 - Fusor!

During today's meeting students and members gathered in the Department of Physics and Astronomy conference room to discuss matters of business as well as to start construction on the big build - a fusor! Some of the discussed items were as follows:

-Upcoming Events-
  • As a reminder, the Oak Park Carpenter science night is coming up this Thursday from 6PM to 8PM.
  • Also, the Sante Fe Trail Science Night will be on April 22nd starting around 4PM.
  • Steve announced that SCOPE is putting on a STEM Fair in St. Louis on March 28th. They expect about 2,600 grade school students to be in attendance. If you would like to participate, please let Steve know as soon as possible.
  • On July 2nd - July 4th the Faire St. Louis expects 250,000 people to visit. It would provide great visibility for the UMKC chapter of SPS. Again, if you would like to participate please let Steve know.
  • The remaining Society of Physics Students meetings for the rest of the semester have been announced.
    • March 30
    • April 13
    • April 27
  • The end of the academic year picnic for Society of Physics Students and the Department of Physics and Astronomy will take place on May 8th. This is a big event and takes a lot of work so help is greatly appreciated!
-Officer Elections-

Today it was announced that officer elections will be taking place in the upcoming meetings of the semester. The existing officers announced what their jobs entailed. We also encouraged anyone wanting to join as an officer to let the existing officers know.

Below are some pictures from the meeting and construction of the Fusor!

2/28/2015 - Webelos on Wheels

The annual Webelos on Wheels event took place today. We invited young boy scouts to the college to get their scientist badges by participating in a variety of physics demos. SPS always participates in showing off the demos and getting the kids to participate in experiments. Below are some pictures from the event:

2/23/2015 - Fusor (Big Build) Preparations

For today's meeting, members gathered in the Department of Physics and Astronomy conference room to talk about upcoming matters of business, eat pizza, and prepare for the upcoming big build - Fusors! Some of the matters of business discussed were as follows:

-Undergraduate Research Opportunities-
Professor Paul Rulis came to the meeting to discuss the available undergraduate research and funding opportunities. There are two requirements for completing undergraduate research:
1) You will need a research topic that can be independently decided or chosed with a faculty mentor.
2) You will need a faculty mentor to help with the application and research process.
Similarly, there are two current undergraduate research programs available:

During the school year, there is the SEARCH program which can be found by searching for "UMKC SEARCH" in any search engine. The SEARCH program provides funding for undergraduate research projects. A section of the SEARCH program website that is very exciting is the UR-Linked Database. The database is a place where students and professors can connect to find research projects. Professors will be able to list their available interests and projects and students can contact professors who match their interests. You can find the database from the SEARCH homepage and clicking on the large blue button.

The SUROP program covers the summer months and provides both research money and a stipend for the student. Of note, the SUROP program is funded by the UM system.

If you would like more information, please contact Prof. Rulis.

-Webelos on Wheels-
Webelos on Wheels is coming up this weekend. We still desperately need volunteers. Even if you can only volunteer for one session it is appreciated.
  • We need volunteers for Friday night to setup the department. This will take place from approximately 4PM to 630PM on 2/27/2015
  • The event will take place Feb. 28th from 8:30AM - 5:30PM and be constituted of three equal sessions.
If you are interested, please contact Jon Parman or Prof. Wieliczka as soon as possible.

-Upcoming Volunteer Opportunities-
  • The BAAFTA STEM Fair and VEX Robotics Competition will take place on March 7th and last from 8AM-4:30PM. This will be the third year that we have shown demos at this event! If you have questions about volunteering, please contact Jon or Steve.
  • Sunflower Elementary Science Night in Lenexa will take place on April 2, 2015 from 6PM-8:30PM
  • Santa Fe Trail Science Night will take place on April 22, 2015 beginning approximately around 4PM
Today's meeting was to prepare for the upcoming big build.. a fusor! John made a presentation on the construction of the device and asked for ideas; and Steve gave a talk on high voltage safety.
Below are some pictures from the meeting:

2/09/2015 - Persistence of Vision

Today students and members met in the Department of Physics and Astronomy Conference Room to discuss matters of business and to make persistence of vision machines!
Some of the business discussed was:

The BFTAA event is coming up and will take on March 7th from 8AM to 1PM or 2PM. If you would like to participate, please let an officer know as soon as possible.

-Oak Park Carpenter Science Night-
The Oak Park Carpenter Science Night will take place on Thursday, March 12th from 6PM to 8PM. If you are interested in going, please let an officer know.

The software to program the POV machines is located here.

Below are some pictures from the meeting:

1/26/2015 - Puddle Jumpers!

Today was the first meeting of the Spring 2015 semester. Students gathered in the Physics Conference Room to discuss matters of business, eat pizza, and make puddle jumpers. Below are some of the matters of business discussed.

-Webelos on Wheels-
Professor Wieliczka stopped by the meeting to inform students of the upcoming Webelos on Wheels events. The schedule will be as follows:

Friday, January 30, 4-5PM
Overview, sign up for assignments, handout scripts. There will be dinner provided for the participants.

Friday, February 6, 3-5PM
Room and equipment setups, run through room activities.

Saturday, February 7, 8:45AM-5:30PM
Session 1: 8:45AM-11:30AM
Session 2: 11:45AM-2:30PM
Session 3: 2:45PM-5:30PM

If you can sign up for one or more session, we would greatly appreciate it. If there are any questions, please let an officer know or contact Professor Wieliczka. Food will be provided for the volunteers.

-Tomahawk Elementary Science Night-
The Tomahawk Elementary Science Night is coming up on January 30th. Steve will be getting there at 4PM to set up and anyone that can help would be appreciated. The event starts at 5PM. If you have questions, please contact Jon Parman.

-Santa Fe Trail Science Night-
We will be going to a science night at Santa Fe Trail on April 22nd. The event will take place from 4PM-8PM. Sign up sheets and details will be sent out as we get closer to the meeting.

Below are some pictures from the meeting:

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