Department of Political Science

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Welcome to the Department of Political Science!

Political science is the study of power and governance. The discipline addresses questions both broad and focused, including: Why are some countries stable and democratic? Why do democracies rarely go to war with one another? What constitutes good government? How do voters make the choices they do? UMKC’s Political Science Department provides students with a vocabulary and a set of tools for analyzing the central questions of power and governance within societies and across the globe.

A political science major is great preparation for a career in public service, politics, law, non-governmental and international organizations, journalism, or teaching. Many of our majors pursue these careers after graduating or go on to graduate or professional schools. The department encourages internships and study abroad—these experiences enrich an undergraduate education and provide real world perspective on potential career paths.

We welcome new majors as well as students from other majors who want to learn more about politics. We believe an understanding of questions of power and governance to be integral to a liberal arts education and our mission is to play an important role in crafting educated citizens.


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