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Be a Research Participant

We often need volunteers to participate in our studies. Different studies have different requirements regarding such things as who can participate, what participants will be required to do, and compensation.

If you are a student whose instructor offers extra credit for research participation, or if you simply want to see what psychology research is like, we invite you to participate in ongoing research projects.

Students use the Psych Pool to sign up to participate in research in our department. Using this system, you may view a list of current experiments and even sign up to participate. If you are enrolled in a class in which your instructor is offering credit for research participation, then you may be able to use the system to receive credit for participating.

The UMKC Department of Psychology faculty are active researchers in the field of psychology. Our research spans many areas, from health issues such as smoking, obesity, and HIV, to how the brain handles emotion and sensation.

Click here to go to the Psych Pool.

Click here to go to Research Participant Policies and Procedures


Be a Student Researcher

Undergraduate psychology majors interested in joining one of the research groups in our department should contact the group's director for more information. A list of department laboratories may be found on our Research Labs page. You should also fill out the PSYCH 490 (Directed Individual Research) application and give this to the faculty member with whom you'd like to work.

Anyone conducting research at UMKC (e.g., principal investigators, graduate & undergraduate research assistants) should complete the Research Protections Training Program

It is also recommended that research personnel complete the HIPAA Web-Based Tutorial.

Also, travel to the following link that explains UMKC Researcher Policies and Procedures.


Research Groups and Laboratories

The UMKC Department of Psychology faculty consists of active researchers in the field of psychology. Below are links to individual laboratories, along with links to major research projects currently underway in those labs.


Cognitive Psychophysiology Research Group

Diane Filion, Ph.D., Director
5030 Cherry Street, # 340


Smoking and Motivation Research Laboratory


5030 Cherry Street, # 127-133
Delwyn Catley, Ph.D., Director


Research on Obesity and Eating Behavior 

Eating, Sleep, and Circadian Rhythm Research Lab

5030 Cherry Street, # 113
Jennifer D. Lundgren, Ph.D., Director


SilverRoos Research Group

5030 Cherry Street, # 344
Dr. Joan McDowd, Director


Clinical Neuropsychology Lab

Clinical Neuropsychology Lab

5030 Cherry Street, # 313
Dr. Jared Bruce, Director


Behavioral Rewards and Incentive Networks Research Group

B.R.A.I.N. Lab

5030 Cherry Street
Dr. Amanda Bruce, Director 




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