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Undergraduate Programs

The mission of the Department of Psychology’s undergraduate program is to provide students with a fundamental understanding of the field of psychology, including its value as a scientific method for understanding human behavior and solving social and behavioral problems. 

Our aim is to provide a high quality undergraduate major that prepares students for highly competitive post-baccalaureate academic programs, as well as post-graduation employment.

For those students interested in the study of human behavior, the Department of Psychology provides students with a breadth of knowledge, while also allowing freedom to explore individual interests. We offer core courses on the ideas and experimental methods behind the study of human behavior, as well as specific emphases in individual and community health and development, and cognitive-physiological psychology that provide a framework for further study in these areas. 

In addition, there are opportunities for study outside the classroom, both through research internships that allow direct interaction with faculty in the department’s research laboratories, as well as applied practicum in which a student may become involved in psychological services throughout the community.  



Teach students fundamental theories, methods, and concepts of psychology as well as provide training in the experimental study of human behavior. Create in our students skills to be good consumers of science, with the ability to evaluate critically research that makes claims about human behavior. Foster an interactive atmosphere inside and outside of the classroom in which students may work closely with individual faculty and graduate students. Implement effective advising to guide students through required and elective courses in support of each student’s learning goals.


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Undergraduate Psychology Advising Office

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Advising hours are subject to change and preference is given to those with appointments. Please make an appointment by clicking on the Advising link above to determine hours, then contacting by phone or e-mail to schedule an appointment.