Faculty and Staff

Photo of Dr. Kymberly Bennett Kymberly Bennett Associate Professor & Director, Undergraduate Psychology Program & Advising Office

Education: Dr. Bennett received her PhD. in Social Psychology at the University of Nevada in 2002 and completed a Post-Doctoral fellowship at Vanderbilt University in 2002-2004.…

Photo of Dr. Jared Bruce Jared Bruce Professor

Education:  Dr. Bruce received his PhD. in Clinical Psychology at Pennsylvania State University in 2005 and completed a Post-Doctoral fellowship as a Neuropsychology Fellow at Brown Medical School in 2005-2007

Teaching:  Dr.…

Photo of Dr. Diane Filion Diane Filion Professor and Vice Provost

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Academic Credentials

Doctoral: University of Southern California (1990)
Post-doctoral: Fellowship, National Institute on Aging, University of Southern California, Andrus Gerontology Center and University of California-San Diego Department of Psychiatry (1990-1992)

Research Interests

Physiological measures of attention and emotion; attentional function and dysfunction; aging and psychopathology

Student Research Projects

The psychological significance of Prepulse Inhibition of Startle
Laterality effects in Prepulse Inhibition
Emotion aftereffects of violent video game play
Selectivity vs generalization in emotion regulation
The Monitoring Coping Style and emotion regulation
Functional fitness and lifetime activity levels in community-dwelling seniors


American Psychological Society
Psychonomic Society
Society for Psychophysiological Research

Photo of Dr. Oh-Ryeong Ha Oh-Ryeong Ha Assistant Professor

Education:  Dr. Ha received her PhD. in Experimental Psychology/Cognitive and Developmental Sciences at the University of Louisville in 2013 and completed a Post-Doctoral fellowship in the Department of Pediatrics at the University of Kansas Medical Center in 2015.…

Photo of Dr. Erin Hambrick Erin Hambrick Assistant Professor

Education:  Dr. Hambrick received her PhD. in Clinical Child Psychology at the University of Kansas in 2014 and completed a post-doctoral fellowship in the Developmental Psychbiology Research Group at the University of Colorado; School of Medicine.…

Photo of Dr. Seung-Lark Lim Seung-Lark Lim Associate Professor and Director, Applied Cognitive and Brain Sciences Psychology PhD Option

Education: Dr Lim received his PhD. in Cognitive Neuroscience/Cognitive Psychology from Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana in 2009 and completed a post-doctoral fellowship at the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, California from 2009-2012.…

Photo of Dr. Jennifer Lundgren Jennifer Lundgren Associate Dean and Professor

As Associate Dean, Dr. Jennifer Lundgren oversees finance, research, and graduate studies. She is a Professor in the Department of Psychology and her courses include Health Psychology Interventions, Advanced History and Systems of Psychology, Abnormal Psychology, and Learning.…

Jacob Marszalek Associate Professor

Education: Dr. Marszalek received his Ph.D. in Educational Psychology, Statistics and Measurement at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 2006 and

Teaching: Dr.…

Ricardo Marte Associate Teaching Professor
Academic Credentials

PhD in Social Psychology from the University of Nevada, Reno



Photo of Dr. Joan McDowd Joan McDowd Professor and Chair, Psychology; Director and Advisor, Gerontology Programs

Education: Dr. McDowd received her PhD. in Psychology at the University of Toronto in 1986.…

Photo of Dr. Johanna Nilsson Johanna Nilsson Professor

Education:  Dr. Nilsson received her PhD. in Ph.D. Counseling Psychology, Western Michigan University (1999).…

Photo of Cathy Rawlings Cathy Rawlings Office Support Assistant IV
Melisa Rempfer Associate Professor & Clinical Training Director

Education:  Dr. Rempfer received her PhD. in Psychology at the University of Kansas in 1999 and completed a Post-Doctoral fellowship at Truman Medical Center 2000-2001.…

Photo of Dr. Joah Williams Joah Williams Assistant Professor