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Social Work Courses and Descriptions

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Social Work Electives

SOC-WK 5542: Social Services with Older Adults SOC-WK 5568: School Social Work
SOC-WK 5544: Child Welfare SOC-WK 5575: Community Practice
SOC-WK 5546: Mental Health & Substance Abuse SOC-WK 5580: Grief & Loss
SOC-WK 5560: Psychopathology SOC-WK 5580: Grief & Loss
SOC-WK 5562: Family Organization & Dev. SOC-WK 5580: Aging & Family
SOC-WK 5563: Life Span Issues SOC-WK 5590: Readings & Investigations in
Social Work
SOC-WK 5564: Advanced Group Therapy Approved External Electives
SOC-WK 5565: Systemic Oppression & Social
Justice Advocacy
PA 5526: Politics of Administration
SOC-WK 5566: Family and Community Violence PA 5548: Leadership for Public Service
SOC-WK 5567: Collaborative, Strengths-Based
 LAW 8815R: Disabilities and the Law



Interim Chair

Dr. Thomas Sandreczki
Phone:  816.235.6308

MSW Program Coordinator

J. Larry Dyer, PhD
Phone: 816.235.1025

Administrative Assistant

Ms. Nan Smith
Phone: 816.235.1040

Main Phone
Phone: 816.235.1025

Student Handbook [pdf]
Program Assessment

     - 2012 Assessment [pdf]
     - 2006 Assessment [pdf]

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