Staff Spotlight: Christiana Rangel

Staff Spotlight: Christiana Rangel

Christiana Rangel, the newest staff member in the College, joins us for a Q&A.

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself. 

Sure! I am originally from middle of nowhere western Oklahoma. After graduating high school, my own recruitment process brought me to Rockhurst University here in Kansas City. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Biology in 2016. Since then, I have worked at a middle school in California, a couple years in Admissions at Rockhurst, and in a research lab! All of this has led me to UMKC’s College of Arts and Sciences.

For hobbies and interests, I enjoy 3D puzzles, talking about/listening to Taylor Swift, celebrity and pop culture, anything True Crime, reading, and watching movies. I also love playing my Nintendo Switch (LoZ: BOTW and Animal Crossing: New Horizons anyone?!)

Giving facts about myself can be so tough! I got married last summer in June to someone I have been with since sophomore year of college. Last year, I met the Jonas Brothers which was truly a dream come true for me. Also, Taylor Swift herself recently liked a post of mine on Tumblr.

As you can probably guess from this information, I tend to be pretty easy going and chill in my personal life!

2. Can you share with us what your current role is?

I am the College of Arts and Sciences’ Student Recruitment Coordinator. I work primarily with first time college (FTC) prospective students. This means I work with students who have not attended college post high school. My prospective students are typically in high school. If a student applies to UMKC and is interested in a program that is offered in the College of Arts and Sciences, I am their point person! I am their resource to answer questions about their program, to put them in contact with faculty, set up a visit, or answer really any questions they have about UMKC or college in general. My goal is to hopefully show these students how UMKC can be their second home where they will have a happy, healthy, and successful college experience.

3. What brought you to UMKC?

Before UMKC, I worked right across the street in Admissions at Rockhurst for a while. Following this I worked at a research lab. Earlier this year, I began searching for a way to return to recruitment in higher education. I missed it tremendously! I missed being a part of a student’s journey to figure out what is best for them post high school. I was hoping to gain more experience in various types of recruitment strategy, and add to my private school recruitment experience. When searching, I was lucky enough to see UMKC’s CAS hiring for this position! It was the perfect place for me because I would be part of a university that is such a large part of a city I love, and be able to return to what I enjoy doing. I was also intrigued about recruiting for a specific Academic Unit. Then I learned through the interview process about the team I would be part of and the support I would receive to grow here at UMKC in a field that I am passionate about and want to stay in. It’s been what I was told so far, and the support I have received is incredible! Super happy to be a Roo.

4. How are you transitioning to working remotely?

I can’t say this is something I ever expected to do! Overall, I would say my transition has been smooth. My supervisor is incredibly supportive in making sure I have the tools/resources I need to continue recruitment efforts for the College. We have begun hosting virtual office hours for myself, faculty office hours, and webcasts! Considering working remotely wasn’t something I was planning on doing less than a month after starting, I think the Recruitment Office is continuing to show prospective students that we are still here for them to let them know how awesome it is to be a Roo!

5. What are some of your goals (or things you would like to see happen) here at UMKC?

What a great question! I have been at UMKC for about two months now. Currently the goals I have set myself are really just about learning about UMKC, the College, forming relationships within the College, and the Admissions processes to make myself more independent in my role. Anyone that I have ever worked with will tell you that I hate not knowing the answers, and that I want to be 100% confident in every aspect of my role. However, anyone who knows me also knows that I will always ask questions. Until then, sorry Emma (Casey)!