College of
Arts and Sciences

CAS Curriculum Committee

We are currently working to finalize the 2021-22 catalog. Please hold new submissions, unless you have a proposal for a new program (see directions below).


We will have no more Spring 2021 meetings for CAS Curriculum Committee. The Fall 2021 meeting schedule will be posted and shared in August.

If you have new program proposals, please work on those as soon as possible (see directions below).




Timeline Information

The recommended deadline for proposals to receive chairs'/directors' approval in CourseLeaf for the next catalog.

The deadline for proposals to be through all levels of unit review (department-CAS Curriculum Committee-Dean). This is also the deadline for catalog edits for pages not related to courses and programs, such as Overview and Faculty pages.

The deadline for proposals to be through levels of university review (assessment-GECC/UCC/Grad Council).

Meeting this goal means that incoming students can start planning their coursework and plans of study based on accurate program and course information.

New Program Proposals

Program development is a longer timeline, typically, with new degrees and new majors taking between 18-36 months to go through all approvals and edits.

Send a short explanation (1-2 paragraphs) of the proposal.

Undergraduate Programs: Caitlin Horsmon
Graduate Programs: Alex Holsinger

Once approved by the Dean's Office, send the short explanation (1-2 paragraphs) to be reviewed by the university’s Academic Innovation Committee through a Program Concept Form.