Associate Dean Duties

Area/Project Associate Dean
Academic Affairs

  • Assessment
  • Attendance Surveys
  • Compliance
  • FERPA/Grades
  • HLC Reports
  • Non-Payers Reports
  • Syllabi Collection/Review
Holsinger, Kristi
Academic Compliance Council Herron, John
Holsinger, Kristi
Academic Credential Coordinating Officer Herron, John
Academic Dishonesty Investigator Holsinger, Kristi
Academic Policy Development Task Force Holsinger, Kristi
Academic Standards Committee (ex officio) Holsinger, Kristi
Annual Space Utilization Survey Lundgren, Jennifer
Bernardin-Haskell/Overstreet Fund Proposals Lundgren, Jennifer
Campus P&T Coordinators Group Herron, John
CAS Curriculum Committee (ex officio) Holsinger, Kristi
Lundgren, Jennifer
CAS Excellence in Teaching Committee Herron, John
CAS Student Council Holsinger, Kristi
Centers and Institutes Review Committee Lundgren, Jennifer
Chair/Director Evaluations/Relations

  • Annual Dept. Chair/Program Director Evaluations
  • New Chair/Director Orientation
Herron, John


Convocation Herron, John
Dual Credit Collaboration Team Holsinger, Kristi
E-Learning Action Committee (ELAC) Holsinger, Kristi
Faculty Affairs

  • Annual Faculty Evaluations/Workload Review
  • Annual System Faculty Workload Report
  • Course Evaluations
  • Faculty Development
  • Graduate and Doctoral Faculty Appointments
  • Mid-Tenure (“Third Year”) Reviews
  • myVITA
  • Promotion and Tenure
  • Ranked NTT Promotion Process
Herron, John


Faculty/Staff Awards/Recognition

  • CAS Staff and Teaching Awards
  • Campus and System Award Nominations
  • Fall Reception
Herron, John


Financial Affairs

  • Budgeting
  • Compliance
  • Computers and Technology Purchases
  • Contracts
  • Dean’s Funding Requests
  • ProCards
  • Procurement
  • Travel & Expense Reimbursements
Lundgren, Jennifer


Graduate Council (ex officio) Lundgren, Jennifer
Graduate Programs

  • CAS Graduate Officer
  • Catalog
  • Forms Processing (academic, travel grants, etc.)
  • Master of Arts in Liberal Studies (MALS)
Lundgren, Jennifer


Graduate Student Affairs

  • Awards/Fellowships
  • Student Grievances
Lundgren, Jennifer


Grant Approval (backup) Herron, John
GTA/GRA Budgets Lundgren, Jennifer
HSCP (including Dean’s Scholarships) Holsinger, Kristi
Instructor Budgets Lundgren, Jennifer
International Relations

  • Collaborations
  • Faculty Exchange
  • Recruitment
  • International Dual Credit
  • Study Abroad
  • Student Exchange
Herron, John


Internship Task Force Herron, John
Marketing/Communications Herron, John
Online Education

  • Certification Plans
  • Confluence
  • State Authorization
Holsinger, Kristi


Research Affairs

  • Grant Approval
  • Grant-Funded Course Buyouts
  • Research Incentive Funds
  • Salary Savings
Lundgren, Jennifer


Research Deans Council Lundgren, Jennifer
Scholarships Lundgren, Jennifer
Space Allocations Lundgren, Jennifer
Strategic Enrollment Management Team (SEMT) Herron, John
Holsinger, Kristi
Student Affairs Enrollment Management (SAEM) Holsinger, Kristi
Student Recruitment Herron, John
Student Retention/Enrollment Management

  • DFW
  • Graduation Survey
  • Non-Enrolled Reports
Holsinger, Kristi


Summer Bridge Planning Committee Holsinger, Kristi
Summer Budgets Lundgren, Jennifer
The University of Missouri South African Education program Herron, John
UMRB Applications Lundgren, Jennifer
Undergraduate Programs

  • Bachelor of Liberal Arts (BLA)
  • CAS General Courses (A&S 100, 115, etc.)
  • Catalog
  • Forms Processing
  • Pre-Professional
Holsinger, Kristi


Undergraduate Student Affairs/CAS Student Services

  • Appeals/Petitions
  • Articulation Agreements
  • Life Coach
  • UMKC Connect
Holsinger, Kristi


Work Study Allocations Lundgren, Jennifer