College of
Arts and Sciences

An interdisciplinary degree designed for students with an Associates of Applied Science degree that empowers students to use their prior training to fulfill their educational and career goals.

Why Applied Science?

The bachelor's degree program provides a foundation of knowledge and develops the skills most sought after by employers such as working in teams, professional communication, problem-solving and understanding a complex, global world.

Specialization in one of five areas

  1. Health services management
  2. Business and organizational leadership
  3. Digital media
  4. Data analytics
  5. Digital and public humanities

Degree Program

Bachelor of Applied Science (B.A.S.)

Our program makes the transition of students from a technical degree to the completion of a bachelor’s degree easy by allowing up to 60 hours of A.A.S. credits to transfer to the B.A.S. The B.A.S. degree engages schools across campus and gives students a foundation applicable to all career fields. The B.A.S. has core courses in critical thinking and professional communication, and each student will choose an emphasis area which combines into a breadth of study and experience.

Benefits of Applied Science degree

  • Apply A.A.S. credit to a four-year degree
  • Complete your degree
  • Take classes online

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