Media, Art and Design

Media, Art and Design (MAD) students learn essential skills in hands-on courses that use emerging technologies to teach creative development, communication and analysis in a flexible degree program that is customized to each students’ interests.

Programs in Media, Art and Design (MAD)

Kansas City has a thriving advertising, design and film industry with media production, advertising and design firms that offer numerous internship and job opportunities. 

Our faculty includes accomplished and actively exhibiting artists, designers, and filmmakers, and our teaching laboratories and studios are equipped with advanced technology as well as traditional tools.

There are no special requirements beyond those for admission to the university for media, art, and design. Students can pursue a Bachelor of Arts or a minor.

This new degree will launch in Fall 2022.

Bachelor of Arts in Media, Art, and Design

The Bachelor of Arts in Media, Art, and Design isa flexible interdisciplinary degree that prepare students for contemporary jobs in media communication, visual design, and applied arts. Focused on design thinking, creative development, and hands-on skills, the degree program will provide a degree path for students interested in pursuing careers with the broad skill base that research has shown employers nationally and in the Kansas City region find most important.

This flexible 36-credit hour degree will allow students to design their learning track from a broad list of courses. During their sophomore year, students will create an individualized learning plan using their goals to chart a path through the program. This degree allows transfer students to apply a variety of their previously completed courses to their course of study, expediting time to degree completion. All students can be purposeful in their course selection as they efficiently acquire the specific skills needed for their career tracks. Students are encouraged to participate in internships and practical hands-on coursework.

B.A. in Media, Art, and Design

Required Coursework – (9 credit hours)

Art 114 Foundations Digital Media
COMM-ST 266 Design Thinking
ART-HIST 320 Ways of Seeing

Required Electives - Take 3 out of the following list (9 credit hours) *all of these courses also count as electives after 9 credits are fulfilled.

ART 121 Foundation 2D Design
ART 105 Introduction to Photography or ART 206 Photography I
ART-HIST 110 Introduction to History of Art: From Pyramid to Picasso
COMM-ST 250 Introduction to Film and Video Production

Required Course - Take 1 of the following upper-level courses (3 credit hours) *all of these courses also count as electives.

ART 488 Creative Project Development
ART/COMM-ST 439 Student Advertising Agency
ART-HIST 303 World Currents of Contemporary Art
ART-HIST 315 Arts of African and New World Cultures
COMM-ST 339 Introduction to Film Theory
COMM-ST 471 Advanced Media Production
ART 375 Interdisciplinary Studio Projects

Electives - 5 courses (15 credit hours) (This is a sample of elective courses – there are lots of options)

COMM-ST 324 Data Journalism
ART-HIST 468 Participatory Forms of Spectatorship in Contemporary Art
ART 337 Graphic Design and Typography I
ENGLISH 475 Creative Non-Fiction
COMM-ST 448 Principles Of Public Relations