B.A. in Communication (Coming Fall 2022)

The new Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication has three emphasis areas — Digital Journalism and Media, Professional Communication, and Strategic Communication — which prepare students for successful careers by allowing them to develop highly sought-after workplace skills.

Three New Emphases Coming Fall 2022

Digital Journalism and Media Emphasis

In the Digital Journalism and Media emphasis, you'll gain hands-on experience producing media content, through writing, reporting and presenting. You'll learn how to connect with diverse audiences with local, national, and global scope.

This emphasis is known for its concentrated offerings in digital journalism, multimedia management, and mass communication. UMKC is home to Roo News, KHEN-17 TV, KCUR 89.3, K-ROO Student Media, all offering excellent opportunities for students to gain real-world experience before graduation.

Our graduates leave with the abilities and skills required to build careers in news reporting, online content creation, content management/marketing, social and digital media, broadcasting, podcasting and streaming, business, advertising, public relations, or law/justice, or to succeed in graduate programs.

Top Skills: Writing for the media, content producing, media presentation, content management

Examples of Careers: Journalist, reporter, news producer, content writer

Professional Communication Emphasis

The Professional Communication emphasis focuses on leadership, persuasion and social influence. This emphasis is known for its course offerings on communication effectiveness in professional settings.

Career opportunities are in organizational communication, public relations, community relations, marketing communication, advertising management, health communication and education, science communication, environmental communication, meeting and event planning, fundraising, grant management, sales representatives, human resources, government, and the non-profit sector.

Top Skills: Public speaking, collaboration, teamwork, social influence

Examples of Careers: Human resources, event planning, advocacy and campaigns

Strategic Communication Emphasis

The Strategic Communication emphasis focuses on market research, data analytics and communication planning for advertising and public relations campaigns. This emphasis gives students a competitive edge in the job market, by offering in-demand communication education and highly desirable skills required for understanding and engaging key audiences for the advancement of business and organizational interests, objectives, missions, and agenda.

Top Skills: Information gathering, data analysis, strategizing, business presentation

Examples of Careers: Digital and social media strategist, marketing and advertising, SEO manager