Student Organizations

Explore communications interests such as advertising and public relations, film production, radio broadcasting and debate through our student organizations.

The Mercury Association

The Mercury Association is designed to provide information about educational and career opportunities in all areas of the communications industry. The group facilitates the transition from school to work with frequent resume workshops and the annual Internship Brunch, which brings together student and local businesses for a speed interview session. With a focus on interpersonal communication, advertising and public relations, Mercury helps students to find their place in the broad and diverse world of communications.

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The Student Film League

The Student Film League (SFL) supports screenwriters, film production students and others interested in the exciting world of film production in the Kansas City area. The league's mission is to create opportunities for film production students to engage with the regional film scene through guest lectures, trips to festivals, work on local productions, internships, workshops and sponsorship of Paris des Plaines, the only student film festival in Kansas City.

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K-Roo, the student radio station, strives to enrich the Kansas City community by promoting positive communication, information and entertainment through online radio. K-Roo provides students with the ability to gain experience in radio broadcasting, production, and promotion before stepping out into the professional world.

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The UMKC debate program has ranked nationally among the top 10 debate teams since 1989.