Faculty Mentors

Your faculty mentor will meet with you each semester to answer questions directly related to your major and help you achieve academic success.

CAS Student Services

General UMKC advising and preprofessional program advising is handled by CAS Student Services. Current students should schedule appointments, including graduation audits, through Connect. 

Schedule an appointment

Meet With Your Faculty Mentor

Students who are interested in declaring a political science major or minor should schedule an initial advising appointment with a faculty mentor. Students who have already declared their major or minor should schedule advising appointments through Connect.

Majors are required to meet with their faculty advisor every semester to discuss degree requirements, devise a plan toward academic success, explore career and post-graduate goals and discuss questions or concerns they may have.

Prepare for your mentoring appointment by reviewing your MyPlan Audit and put together a potential course schedule for the upcoming term.

Meet Our Undergraduate Faculty Mentors

Jenni Frangos

Associate Professor
Email: frangosj@umkc.edu

Jane Greer

Curators' Distinguished Teaching Professor
Email: greerj@umkc.edu

Meet Our Graduate Faculty Mentors

Steven Dilks

Director of Language and Literature
Email: dilkss@umkc.edu

Whitney Terrell

Director of Creative Writing
Email: terrellw@umkc.edu

Crystal Doss

Director of Composition
Email: dosscr@umkc.edu

John Barton

I.Ph.D. Coordinator
Email: bartonjc@umkc.edu