Study Abroad

Studying in a foreign country is one of the most powerful experiences anyone can have. As one of our graduates put it so well, “You will never regret having studied abroad."


We offer faculty-led summer study abroad programs to Argentina, France and Spain. We can also help you find a semester- or year-long program that fits your needs.

Faculty-Led Summer Programs

We offer summer study abroad programs in Lyon, France; Málaga, Spain; and Buenos Aires, Argentina. Our summer programs are six weeks and can be taken for nine credit hours (which count toward a major or minor). We encourage students to take advantage of our programs and consider them a significant step to earning a degree in Languages and Literatures, whether a minor, B.A. or M.A. The study abroad experience not only greatly improves a student’s command and fluency in a language, it is also key to understanding the cultural contexts of the languages we study.


Málaga, Spain, located in southern Spain on the Mediterranean coast, is the historically and culturally rich location for this six-week summer program. Students stay with host families while studying at the Escuela Internacional de Español, University of Malaga. Activities include weekend and day excursions to Seville, Cordoba and Granada.

Buenos Aires

Beautiful Buenos Aires, Argentina, is home to this six-week summer program, held every other summer in even-numbered years. Students stay with host families and participate in courses at the Universidad de Belgrano, in addition to cultural visits and activities such as tango dancing.


Lyon, the second largest city and gastronomic capital of France, serves as the backdrop for this study abroad experience. While attending this six-week summer program, students stay with host families and study at the Centre International d’Études Françaises (C.I.E.F.) at the Université Lumière Lyon II.

Learn more about the programs on the Globetrotter Portal.

Semester and Year-Long Programs

For information on the other exchange programs available at UMKC, especially semester- and year-long programs, contact the UMKC Office of Study Abroad and Global Engagement.

Financial Aid and Scholarships

Awards and fellowships are available to help cover the expense of a study abroad experience.

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