How to Apply

Apply for Admission 

Step 1: Register with the University by Completing a Dual High School Application

The UMKC dual credit Spring 2022 application period is now closed


Students under the age of 18 must have permission from a parent or legal guardian before registering for UMKC dual credit courses.

Register with the university by completing the when the enrollment period is open. The application needs to be completed every semester you enroll in a dual credit course. You can apply for multiple classes with one application. (You don't need to complete a degree-seeking application through UMKC Admissions.)


UMKC Admissions will email an eight-digit UMKC Student ID number to you within 72 hours to the email address you list on the application.  Please list a personal email address instead of a school address so this email is not blocked by any school spam filters. If you do not receive the email within a week of completing the application, contact the HSCP office. 

If you have previously enrolled in dual credit, your student ID number will remain the same. Student ID numbers can also be found on previous billings statements from the Cashiers Office.

International students must submit copies of these documents

  • Information/photo page in your passport
  • Permanent residency card (front and back)
  • Current visa
  • I-94 card documentation
  • Current I-20/DS-2020 document


Step 2: Pay tuition

You may not enroll in future semesters unless all accounts are paid in full.

Step 3: Manage your account

Manage your account through Pathway.

Learn how to use Pathway