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By taking a range of classes in the arts, humanities and sciences, Liberal Studies students develop highly sought-after skills, including thinking and problem-solving abilities, written and oral communication skills, interpersonal skills, ability to work in teams, adaptability to change and multicultural awareness.

Why Liberal Studies?

The College of Arts and Sciences offers the Liberal Studies program for those seeking scientific literacy, an understanding of the social sciences and an appreciation of the humanities. The program, which draws on resources, courses and faculty from across the university, is an alternative to traditional degree programs.

The program is ideal for individuals who do not wish to commit themselves to a specialty, whose aspirations are not served by a traditional major and who desire maximum flexibility in course selection.

Benefits of Liberal Studies

  • Customize your degree
  • Design a broad, yet specific curriculum
  • Complete your degree
  • Take classes online

By taking classes in the arts, humanities and sciences, Liberal Studies students develop highly sought-after skills such as problem-solving and communication.

Degree Program

Bachelor of Liberal Arts (B.L.A.)

The B.L.A. program provides flexible degree options for students who are interested in pursuing an interdisciplinary program of study or who would like to complete an undergraduate degree.

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Pre-professional students

Students who have found the BLA program particularly beneficial are those who have matriculated into the six-year medical program, pursuing the combined BLA/MD degrees, and those students wishing to apply to the UMKC School of Law through the Early Entry Law Program.

The College of Arts and Sciences offers pre-professional advising to help students select courses that will help them pursue advanced degrees in professional programs and pursue careers in a variety of law and health-care fields.

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Scott Baker

Director of the B.L.A. Program
Phone Number: 816-235-1311
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Chainy Folsom

B.L.A. Advisor
Phone Number: 816-235-6099