Students cultivate critical thinking and master statistical and mathematical tools while trusting their innate originality and developing skills in data analytics and theory and computation that are valuable in a variety of professions.

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Why Study Math & Stat at UMKC?

1. The Actuarial Career Path prepares you to become a certified actuarial analyst.
2. The Data Analytics Career Path prepares you to become a data analyst.
3. Small Class Sizes (often below 15 students for upper-level courses)
4. Flexible Class Schedules (multiple sections for entry-level courses)
5. Generous Scholarships and  several Internships in KC area
6. The Math Teacher Career Path prepares you to become a certified Math Teacher.
7. Excellent Faculty-Student Interactions (undergraduate research projects)
8. Great Math Club Activities (Pi Day, Integration Bee, Math Matinee)
9. High Graduation (94%) and Employment (88%) Rates*
10. Math & Stat Fast-Track Programs (Earn your bachelor’s & master’s degrees in five years)

* The rates are the average values for those with a graduate or undergraduate degree in math or stat  with six-month follow-up.

We invite you to read the Stories of Resilience Along the Mathematical Journey. These are stories of barriers that people face in the mathematics pipeline, and how perseverance and persistence garnered success. These stories  will inspire you to persist on the road to becoming a successful mathematician.

The faculty members in our department care about the success of the students and try their best to help them reach their career goals. Pure Mathematics, Applied Mathematics and Statistics are among the top 15 college majors that are the most valuable in terms of salary and career prospects (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics).


The Power to Tackle Big Problems

  • Students regularly receive opportunities to apply classroom knowledge in practical settings such as internships and undergraduate research.
  • The faculty members in our department care about the success of the students and help them reach their career goals.
  • We offer undergraduate coursework in five tracks leading to a Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics and Statistics or a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Statistics.
  • Our graduate programs include a Master of Science in Mathematics or Statistics.
  • We also offer students an opportunity to meet the full requirements of the B.S. and M.S. in a shorter time period — a fast-track dual degree program — than the separate degree programs. You may complete a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics and Statistics in four years and the Master of Science in Mathematics or Statistics the fifth year.
  • Students majoring in mathematics, statistics or another relevant area of study may minor in Mathematics or Actuarial Sciences.
  • We collaborate with the School of Graduate Studies in the Interdisciplinary Ph.D. program for mathematics or statistics.
  • We offer coursework tailored to a career in actuary science, teaching and data analysis.


IPh.D. in Mathematics or Statistics

M.S. in Mathematics

M.S. in Statistics

B.S. in Mathematics & Statisitcs



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