Our minors help you develop skills to solve real-world problems using mathematical models or prepare you to manage risk as an actuary while pursuing a complementary major.

Actuarial Science Minor

What is an actuary?

“Through their knowledge of statistics, finance and business, actuaries assess the risk of events occurring and help create policies that minimize risk and its financial impact on companies and clients. One of the main functions of actuaries is to help businesses assess the risk of certain events occurring and formulate policies that minimize the cost of that risk.” – Bureau of Labor Statistics

What are the benefits of completing the minor?

Some of the courses in the minor prepare the students for the first four actuarial exams. Some courses in the minor meet the Validation by Educational Experience (VEE) requirements. Taking these courses while at UMKC means you won’t have to take them somewhere else after you graduate.

Most companies that hire actuaries would like to see that the students have passed at least the first two exams before graduation.

Companies in the Kansas City area that actively recruit actuaries include Mercer, Aetna, GEICO, Anthem and Lockton. 

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Who can earn the minor?

The minor is open to UMKC undergraduate students in all majors, though it is most beneficial if the student is a mathematics, business, accounting or economics major due to the courses required for the minor.

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Mathematics Minor

The minor in Mathematics is open to UMKC undergraduate students in all majors. Adding a mathematics minor to your program of study may assist you with your career goals. In some internships and career opportunities, having a math minor is a big plus. 

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