Colloquia is the university’s longest running colloquium series. What has led to such a long and successful tenure is the diversity of the speakers and the wide array of fields they come from, including those beyond the traditional boundaries of physics and astronomy.



Speakers are invited to present a talk on any topic of interest — not just their most recent or active area of research. We're open to content from diverse fields of study and a wide variety of perspectives from academia, government labs and industry, which has maintained the popularity of the series throughout the years.

When do we meet?

Every other Friday during the semester
Miller Nichols Learning Center, Room 352
Zoom coordinates: 967 2897 2960; Passcode: 987123

Next Colloquium:

Friday March 4th, 2022: 3:154:30 p.m.
The Nuclear Threat presented by Prof. Raymond Jeanloz
Department of Astronomy - University of California - Berkeley