The Department of Physics and Astronomy offers undergraduate and graduate programs that encourage our students to explore the universe and prepares them to communicate and coordinate activities that cross the traditional boundaries within and between science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Discover the Power of Foundational Science

  • Our students learn about the answers that have been uncovered so far and where our boundaries of understanding are currently set. With persistence and dedication, they will also learn to pose their own rational questions and then work toward their solutions to advance our understanding of the universe.
  • Our students get well-rounded exposure to theory, experiment and simulation throughout their academic career.
  • Our programs provide a broad range of knowledge and intuition, which prepare our students for graduate and professional school or career success in a variety of fields.
  • We provide a variety of undergraduate research opportunities, and our graduate research programs are active and cutting edge.
  • We deliver personalized academic mentoring, plan of study development and guidance through all administrative processes.

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