Faculty Research Labs

Engaging with faculty and other students in a research project is a challenging, absorbing and powerful experience. Students are an integral part of the operation of our faculty research labs.


Interested in performing research in a faculty lab? Contact the lab lead.

Caruso-Paquette Group

Anthony Caruso

Curators' Professor of Physics and Electrical Engineering Associate Vice Chancellor for Research
Email: carusoan@umkc.edu
Phone Number: 816-235-2505

Michelle Paquette

Research Associate Professor
Email: paquettem@umkc.edu
Phone Number: 816-235-1604

Area of research

Experimental studies of the electronic structure of solids.

Galaxy Evolution Group

Mark Brodwin

Norman Royall Distinguished Professor, Associate Professor, Co-Graduate Academic Advisor
Email: brodwinm@umkc.edu
Phone Number: 816-235-1604

Daniel McIntosh

Department Chair and Associate Professor, Director of STEM Education Research
Email: mcintoshdh@umkc.edu
Phone Number: 816-235-5324

Area of research

Observational studies of galaxy evolution and the growth of cosmological large-scale structures.
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Electronic Structure Group (ESG)

Wai-Yim Ching

Curators' Distinguished Professor Emeritus
Email: chingw@umkc.edu
Phone Number: 816-235-2503

Area of research

Computational and theoretical studies of the fundamental structure of materials.
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Computational Physics Group (CPG)

Paul Rulis

Associate Professor, Co-Graduate Academic Advisor
Email: rulisp@umkc.edu
Phone Number: 816-235-1604

Area of research

Development and application of computational methods for the study of nanoscale materials.
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