Interdisciplinary Ph.D. in Physics


The I.Ph.D. program develops these abilities in our students.

  • Build on the foundational knowledge of an M.S. degree
  • An ability to formulate and execute a frontier-level independent research project
  • Able to expertly communicate with technical and nontechnical audiences using clear and articulate oral or written discourse
  • Master the effective use of diverse information resources such as published scientific literature, technical databases and other forms of authoritative internet-based content

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Coordinating discipline role

Pursue research in applied electronics physics, materials physics, or extra-galactic astronomy by becoming a student-partner with our faculty in their specific areas of expertise.

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Co-discipline role

The broad applicability of physics along with the diverse technical and foundational expertise of our faculty entice many prospective students that have chemistry, geology, mathematics, engineering or computer science as their primary discipline to select physics as their co-discipline.

The signature program of the School of Graduate Studies permits students to span traditional academic boundaries by selecting compatible coordinating and co-disciplines to meet the challenges of the future.

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