Undergraduate Programs

Physics and astronomy are fundamental sciences because they are — at their core — about how things work and solving real-world problems.

We offer undergraduate programs leading to Bachelor of Science degrees in physics, physics with an astronomy emphasis and physics and electrical engineering double degree. We also offer a Bachelor of Arts in physics.

A double major allows you to distinguish yourself and improve your position in applications to prestigious graduate schools, leading professional programs or career-track openings in government and industry.

Additionally, our B.S. and B.A. degree programs are designed to accommodate requirements for a minor from any department that offers one.

What will you gain from a degree in physics?

  • Have a functional understanding of the fundamental theoretical and experimental methods of physics and astronomy

  • Possess well rounded experience with the vital areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

  • Know how to think critically and analytically

  • Be able to integrate your knowledge, experience, and thinking skills to solve new and challenging problems in your chosen career field

  • Be able to communicate effectively with technical and nontechnical audiences with clear and articulate oral or written discourse

  • Understand how to make effective use of diverse information resources such as published scientific literature, technical databases, and other forms of authoritative internet-based content

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