Psych Pool Instructor Policies


Psych Pool has two, parallel goals.

  • Facilitate recruitment of research participants by Department of Psychology researchers
  • Enhance student education by facilitating participating in psychology research

How to use Psych Pool

  • Use of Psych Pool is open to any instructor teaching a course at UMKC. Generally, the pool will be used for courses that either require research participation or offer extra credit for research participation. It allows the instructor to easily determine the number of participation credits earned by each student.
  • Research credits are assessed in one-hour increments, such that one credit equals one hour of research participation (although half credits may also be assessed).
  • All experiments listed in the Psych Pool are being done under the supervision of UMKC Department of Psychology faculty and have been verified to have been approved by a UMKC IRB.


  • Instructors must apply with the Psych Pool administrator to be granted access to Psych Pool.
  • If you offer alternatives to research participation, you may use Psych Pool to help students keep track of those points.
  • All courses will be inactivated at the end of each semester and must be re-submitted at the start of the next semester. (This may be done any time following the last day of exams for the previous semester.)
  • Please review the policies for participants prior to using Psych Pool.